Dooyoo,the price comparison site which pays you for your reviews.

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This article tells you about Dooyoo the price comparison website which allows you to earn money by writing product reviews.


Dooyoo is a price comparison website,which is a place consumers can research on products they may wish to buy,they do this by reading reviews written by us,the writers.

You will be paid a small amount for each review that you write on dooyoo but then you will also be paid another small amount,each and every time somebody reads and rates one of your reviews,so it pays to read and rate other people's reviews so they return the favor.
Dooyoo has a large community of writers working for them,and the site is almost like a social networking site, as you can make friends,leave comments and even leave people private messages,you will slowly build up your circle of friends giving you more chance to earn money.

This is a great site for new writers as the Dooyoo community will leave you comments about your work directing you on what is good about it,and the things you need improving on,so this is a great site for writers just starting out.
The biggest question for somebody just starting out on Dooyoo is,is this going to pay and be worth my time or is it all just a big scam,well I have been writing for Dooyoo for just over a year,I have slowed down on there recently due to starting some other sites,but I did make over a hundred pounds off this site last year,and I would only write two to three reviews a week as well as reading and rating regularly,so if you spent a few hours a day on there I think it would be even more lucrative.

On Dooyoo you will receive between 10 and 60 pence straight up for every review you write,in addition to this you will also be paid 1 pence for every rating you receive and when you keep in mind that if you send enough ratings out you could receive up to 200 ratings back,this works out at around £2.50 a review,and then bear in mind you can write as many reviews as you wish,you will see how easy it is to earn some cash on Dooyoo.
But if you really intend to make a nice amount of money on Dooyoo then I suggest you write a lengthy,descriptive and helpful review,giving your honest opinion on your chosen product,this will help you get your review crowned,which will entitle you to a extra £1.50,but remember other users will not crown rubbish,short reviews,others work hard on this site and so must you in order to get paid well.
It is very easy to claim your money on Dooyoo once you have earned it,there are three options for you to choose from,you can wait until you have reached twenty pounds and swap your earnings for a twenty pound amazon voucher,or you can wait until you have earned fifty pounds and have this placed straight into your bank account,or there is always the option to donate to charity.
There is a wide range of products for you to review on Dooyoo such as appliances,fashion and beauty,phones,cars,phones,electrical's,books and movies and much,much more so you will never be left with nothing to write about,you can even write about hotels and holidays you may have been too.
Overall I would say Dooyoo is a great site to be active on,it has a nice friendly community which is welcoming to all new writers,it is a simple and easy idea that is designed to earn itself and its writers money,whilst offering a helpful service,in all my time working for this site I have had no problems and if you work hard and stick to the site rules you will be earning in no time.


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This sounds good. Will check it out.

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