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This page is about Dooyoo and Ciao and which site I think is best to work for and earn money at home.

Dooyoo Vs Ciao

Dooyoo and Ciao are two very similar sites, you can earn money by simply writing reviews on products which you own, you can write about almost everything whether it be books you have read movies you have watched or even food you have tried, the list is endless. I have already written articles on both of these sites here on Wikinut so you can take a look at my pages if you wish to know how each of these sites work, but this article is asking the question which one of these sites is best, and by best I mean which is better to earn with. Dooyoo pays you more straight up for your work, you will be paid 60p, 30p or 10p for the reviews you write depending on how much the product you write about is in demand, then on top of this you will be paid a couple of pence for every person who rates your review, the more people you rate then the more people will rate you back. Ciao is a little different, you will not be paid anything straight up for your review but you will be paid a couple of pence for every rating you receive, but on the 15th of every month Ciao pays out to its members something which is called the premium fund, this is 2000 pounds which is shared out among the most active members.

You can also earn extra money on dooyoo by writing great reviews, if your review is deemed great by your readers they can nominate you for a crown, if one of your reviews gets a crown you will be rewarded a extra £1.50 on top of what you have already earned for that review. Ciao has something similar called a diamond review, they are harder to get than dooyoo's crowns but are worth a lot more, if one of your reviews is considered to be a diamond standard you will be paid £15 for that review, £15 for a review is certainly good money.

I think if you wish to be paid for the least work possible then dooyoo is the one for you, a 400 word review will be good enough to get your review published and your money paid to you, it would be easy to knock up two standard reviews a day and then get your extra money for the people who rate you, doing this you could easily get 30 to 40 pounds a month for not a lot of work. If you do not mind putting in the work and writing long creative reviews daily then you could stand to earn more money with Ciao, but you will have to put a lot of work into your reviews making sure they are brilliant. So which is better? none in my opinion, to make good money then I would say do them both, for some reason these two sites do not mind if you post your reviews on both sites, so for each review you write why not get paid off both Ciao and Dooyoo, these two sites are really great ways to earn some money from home.


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You really can post on both sites simultaneously your reviews?

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