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Success comes with committment and hard work. Education is a power to be used with committment and hard work for success. There are big time businessmen and women in the world who dropped out of college or discontinued their college education to pursue their dreams and became very successful. Whatever education they got at any level of school became a powerful tool for them in their pursuit for success. Here is the top ten who dropped out of college who made into big time business.

Number One: Henry Ford

Henry Ford dropped out at 16 and later founded Ford Motor Company in 1903. His ingenuity has affected all of our lives which literally shapes the world. If he was still alive today, he’d be worth $199 Billion.

Number Two: Bill Gates

Gates attended Harvard in the fall of 1973, only to drop out two years later to found Microsoft with childhood buddy Paul Allen. He was only 19 atthe time. In 2007, he ended up receiving an honorary degree from Harvard. His net worht is $78.8 Billion –

Number Three:Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison dropped out of school at the age of 20 but became a successful businessman. He is a serial entrepreneur, programmer and philanthropist and his net worth is $56.6 Billion. Larry made a good chunk of his billions via the multinational tech corp, Oracle. Oh yea, he also own an island in Hawaii named, “Larry Ellison Island.”

Number Four: Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega dropped out at 14. At 27, Ortega founded his own company, producing quality yet affordable garments, and in 1975, he opened his first retail store, Zara. Ortega is now the richest man in Spain his net worth $66.2 Billion.

Number Five:Mark Zuckerberg

Mark dropped out at 19 or properly speaking he discontinued his education to concentrate on his college project that affected every modern people now. Surely you’ve heard of Mark Zuckerberg. If not, he’s the guy who founded the second highest traffic website in the world, Facebook. Remember the hoodie he wore to all of his press conferences and public events? Mark's net worth $33.7 Billion –

Number Six:Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing dropped out at 15 and started selling watch bands. Today he’s the world’s largest operator of container terminals, world’s largest health and beauty retailer, Chinese energy supplier and real estate developer. He is the head of Cheung Kong Holdings and his net worth $33.5 Billion. He is the wealthiest man in China.

Number Seven:Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson's net worth is $30.2 Billion. Though he dropped out at 19 he worked hard to his empire the Las Vegas Sands. While you may not know his face, you may have partied at one of his Vegas establishments for your 21st. Aside from Sheldon Adelson being a casino tycoon, he also owns the Israeli Daily newspaper and dabbles in politics.

Number Eight: Larry Page

Larry Page is the part owner of the giant and the most popular serach engine Google
Dropped out at 21. Larry page is known for co-founding a little site called Google. He technically graduated from University of Michigan but later dropped out of his PhD. program which why he’s on the list. He is now woth $29.1 Billion.

Number Nine: Michael Dell

Michael Dell truly caught the entrepreneurial bug in college. Selling upgrade mods for personal computers from his dorm, ultimately led to him getting a license from the State of Texas to bid on (large) contracts. He dropped out at 19. The rest is history. Time will write more history and one of them is his value. Now he is worth $21.8 Billion.

Number 10: Paul Allen

Paul Allen is co- founder of Microsoft.He dropped out at 20. This Microsoft co-founder is a sports fanatic, owning the Seattle Seahawks, and the NBA’s Portland Trailblazer’s. He’s known for having fun with his cash, thanks to ridiculous toys ranging from submarines to 400ft yachts. he is not close to his mate, Bill Gates, however, he enjoys his wealth worth $17 Billion.


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10th Dec 2015 (#)

I dropped out long ago and still wish for money to buy food and etc

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14th Dec 2015 (#)

Dean, that is true. Many do and wished the same as you do, but here is a success story of some who tried hard and their seer hardwork paid off. It can be a lesson for many out there.

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