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If we genuinely connect to the infinite, anything can be cured really, especially finances, and financial issues. Let me break that first sentence in this summary down: Section one will deal with what to do after you pray seriously, or pray daily. Section two will deal with rational positive belief shifting for good. Section three and four will deal with seeding and growth from those seeds. They may seem simple or overly simple, but they will have the benefit of being accurate and honest.

Prayer and action after prayer

So many have heard or felt the saying that "God helps them who help themselves" or the saying that "As you sew, so shall you reap". Over the past few weeks of consistent prayer and energy work with all of my situations I realize that all charity starts with oneself and works its way out to the universe, existence and everything else. Indeed, value starts within, not with the external symbols of value. More and more, I am realizing that or to say an old proverb: Give a person a fish they eat for a day, teach a person to fish, they know how to feed themselves for life. Learning and earning should and can be combined with prayer and getting help. In short, I know what Dr. Martin Luther King meant by the words "You better earn, baby, earn instead of burn, baby, burn!" and words like "Fortune favors the bold."

When I think of prayer in general and prayers for money and value, I think of having to combine the footwork with the prayers, or synchronizing the backbone with the wishbone.

Shifting ideas about the "why" and the "how"

Before we pray or take any action, we need to know what exactly we want in life and existence definitely. What is our definite reality we want to create. What do we want really to have as a result. I put the "how" second, because that is the process. I put the "why" first because that is the reason. Once the "why" is ascertained and understood, then we can practice and do our "how".

Most people look unreasonably at the "how" and put "why" on the back burner of life, it should be the other way around. Bringing things into reality comes down to why we want things, not how we want them so much. When we concentrate on how too much, we do not achieve the why we want it as readily. The process is secondary, the result is primary is what I am saying and we cannot expect God or the forces of existence to do it exactly how we want it, we have to make steps ourselves to an extent to get exactly what we want and the way we want it. Deal with reality on this level and you will ultimately get the results you need and want (in that order), deal with reality on an irrational level expecting some outside force to give it to you on a "perfect platter" and you will always be disappointed.

It all comes down to fulfillment, not desire

Results. That is what it all comes down to when all is said and done. I mean the results we get in existence come down to a combination of our efforts and our realistically result filled processes. To be unrealistic, I say, go beg and expect people to give it to you without any efforts of your own, and pray one prayer then expect powerful results without the footwork behind the prayers and understanding. Indeed, it all comes down to fulfillment, not the "empty desire for stuff" or empty victories that are not personally fulfilling.

This is a reason I cannot advocate empty altruism or giving it all away without self-benefit of some sort as fuel to give more later or create more value later. To put it another way, no motor can go on without fuel or reciprocal energy of some sort.

Indeed, the facts I just mentioned make fulfillment more important than desire in life when it comes to money, love, life and everything.

So, what it will take

We need to let reality in without fear. We need to have the courage to take rational, realistic action no matter "what others think". After all, Nathaniel Branden implied that self-esteem is the immune system of consciousness. This is what I think he meant as a whole: The results we make are more important than the process that makes them work. Getting from the start to the exact result we want is the most important thing in the universe in a sense. Without that consciousness of direction and results, reality does nothing we want it to do or need it to do. With that consciousness and direction of results, we get everywhere we want to get and everything we want to get. To bring it down, we can pray, but we need to take the right actions for the forces to do what we want and need as God and existence help them genuinely who help themselves.

The seed and the resulting reality

I mean, a few years ago, I planted some trees into pots that I water every day at my home. This is how prayer works: We can plant the seeds of prayers in the mind of God and the reality of existence, but we need to meet it all halfway with action and realistic admission of vision. I remember Neville Goddard's works and lectures written about those facts. The seed is a mindset and the reality is a result rationally resulting from that seed or mindset, fueled by the water or food of work that we give it. Start here.


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