Earn 50 dollars a review with SoftwareJudge.com, but is it legit?

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Writing reviews can be a great way to earn cash online these days, especially with the rise of affiliate sites now online. But there are also some consumer product review sites which will pay you to write reviews for them. SoftwareJudge is one of these sites, and they even claim to pay you up to 50 dollars a review, but is this the truth? Read this article to find out.


Writing online can be a really fun thing to do, and expressing your opinions through reviews is now a favorite pass time for many people all around the world. What makes it really interesting though, is the fact that you can get paid for it. Some people now can actually earn a living doing it, but this is not easy and will take a lot of hard work. Probably the most popular way to get paid writing reviews online these days, is affiliate sites, the biggest being Amazon Affiliates. There are revenue sharing sites that offer you the chance to do this, or you can do it straight off your very own blog.

At one time if you wanted to earn writing reviews, you would do it through consumer, product review sites, and although they are dying out now, there are still a few of these sites knocking about today. One of these sites which will pay you to write reviews is SoftwareJudge.com, this site has the slogan 'we pay for the truth'. The idea is simple really, you sign up to the site for free, and then start to write reviews on products they want reviewing. As the name suggest's they want reviews on different types of Software, and the categories they give you to write about are the following: Audio & Mp3, Business & Finance, Design & Photo, Desktop Enhancements, Games, Home & Education, Internet, Software Development, Utilities, Video & DVD, Web Authoring.

Details and Opinion

One of the reasons I was sucked in to trying this site was there massive claim, of paying 50 dollars for reviews. The truth is this is the highest amount SoftwareJudge claim give, the lowest being one dollar. I wrote a few reviews for this site, and never earned more than a dollar, and with some in depth research online, I have found that this is the same for anybody who has written about this site online. Because of this I would suggest that the 50 dollar for a review claim, is nothing more than false advertisement, to get people to join up SoftwareJudge.

Although they have falsely advertised this, I still would not call SoftwareJudge an out and out scam, as they have many people writing for them on a daily basis, and they won't be doing it for nothing. So the site is paying it's members, just not as much for each review as they claim. One thing which may put people off this site is there redeem limit, if you want cash for the reviews you write for them, then you will have to wait until you have earned 200 dollars. Nice when it comes in, but you will have a long time to wait to hit there redeem limit, payment is straight into your bank account. If you don't mind taking your cash in Ebooks, games, movies or software, then this might well be a little better for you. Because you can then redeem at 20 dollars, once you hit 20, you can request a product and they will buy it for you, but it must be downloadable, as the site doesn't want to have to deal with shipping costs and what not.

SoftwareJudge.com do stress on there rules page, that they only want original reviews written by yourself, they claim to run checks on all reviews before publishing and any one seen to be copying even one line will be kicked off the site. Is SoftwareJudge worth it? I am going to be honest, it is not for me, I like to earn cash online, and I would have to wait to long for my earnings with this site. But for people who don't mind working for online downloadable products, then it may be worth giving a go.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2014 (#)

I'll give it a try mate and thanks Bubblews, my survey are awesom

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author avatar micheal
18th Sep 2014 (#)

your welcome fern, mysurvey is great, I have had hundreds and hundreds with them over the years

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author avatar spirited
19th Sep 2014 (#)

It doesn't sound as if this is for me either. $200? by the time I reached that level, the site would have probably closed down LOL

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author avatar micheal
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes my thoughts exactly

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author avatar Michael Keeling
18th Apr 2016 (#)

Great review i will give it a go, i was wondering what sites you use to earn money for reviews?. Etc.

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author avatar MIDHAT
10th Dec 2017 (#)


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