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My personal journey to working online full time started off with affiliate links through 'Paid to Click' sites. This article covers a few tips if you are thinking of starting off in this business.

Making money online

In the current financial climate more and more people are starting to look for an avenue to earn extra income. The internet is becoming a popular choice for people who need this extra income. Whilst offering a lot of different choices to earn money the internet has also brought with it a number of dangerous scams. These scams will offer you very attractive earning rates and may even pay you a couple of times before disappearing completely taking everyone's money with them.

I have been very lucky in my experience of working online and have only been scammed a couple of times. On both occassions I only lost a couple of british pounds but a lot of people are not so lucky. After these scam experiences I suddenly stumbled upon PTC ( paid to click ) sites and I never really looked back. This started my journey towards becoming an affiliate marketer and I have a lot to thank some of these sites for.

Get Paid To Click

A PTC site is basically a platform for people to advertise their websites for a very low price and others to earn by viewing these websites and getting a share of the profits. Now, before I start - you won't get rich but if used correctly you will make money from these sites. Many people sign up with dreams of a villa in the South of France and other great perks in an easier life but this is not going to happen. You will not become rich but you can make enough money to cover most if not all the monthly bills.

Dedication is the key with these sites - you must use them at least once a day if you want to make money of any notice. Most sites pay around the one cent mark for every site viewed so you will have to join more than one if possible to make decent money. When you join more than one of these sites make sure you do not use the same password - hackers love these sites and are constantly on the lookout for newbies to the sites so they can pinch and transfer their accounts.

How to spot a scam

Now, these sites seem pretty cool so far, don't they? Unfortunately, as with most things online these are still the bad apples out there. A lot of PTC sites enter the marketplace and promise high rates of clicking payments and referrals earnings. You sign up, use for a couple of months, get paid a few dollars, upgrade because you are so impressed with the site, go to log in the next day and BANG! They are gone.

You, like a couple of other thousand members have just been taken for a ride and been scammed ( not a nice feeling ). The guys that own the site have closed down the domain and there is no way of contacting or finding them and they are within their rights to do so. They will always find a loophole excuse that they can stick to and you will never get any investments back.

So how do you spot a PTC site that is going to turn into a scam? First of all check out the script of the website - you want it to look professional with a professional name ( you do not want to sign up with a site named 'carrot clicks' or 'crazy money' - these sound like bad news right from the start ). Secondly, the big thing to look for is if the site offers it's members a forum. A forum indicates the site has nothing to hide and many types of payment proofs can be found on them. Sites without a forum are free to do what they want when they want and nobody will ever get to know about it so stay well away.

It is also a good idea to stay away from the PTC sites that offer very high rates per click and low payout thresholds. These site can not possibly sustain this level for long and will turn into a scam taking your and everyone else's money with them.

So how do I earn with PTC?

As I mentioned earlier you get paid for clicking on ads and then watching the websites they throw up. You must visit the website for a set amount of time before you get paid and this is usually around the 30 second mark. As you can imagine, you will need to visit a lot of sites to make any sort of money of notice. Enter 'referrals'. You are given the option to rent or buy referrals which are basically new members who you can own. By owning these members you earn approximately 25% of what they earn on the site so the more you rent or own the more you will make every day.

You are also given certain tools by these sites to actually advertise for them in affiliate format. This will gain you direct referrals which you can own forever and claim a share of their earnings. This advertising was what eventually led me to the world of affiliate marketing and the job I fulfill today.

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jul 2011 (#)

Good information on paid to click sites. I don't want a villa, just some help paying the bills every month. In this economy, every little bit helps. Thank you for sharing.:)

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