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Do are addicted to social networking sites like facebook, orkut, myspace? Well, addiction to some other social networking sites will really make you rich and make you earn so much money. Don’t believe me? Let me explain it to you.

Socialize and earn

What do we actually do in social networking sites?
We add friends, upload photos, videos, comments on status, updates, send messages, profile and photo comments, create, organize and post on groups, etc.

Every time I am using facebook and face booking, I add friends, upload and tag photos and spend doing all those socializing stuff all days. But it gives me no money for doing that neither does other social networking or dating websites so like hi5, orkut, myspace, and friendster. Therefore, in this article I shall describe and state those websites which actually pays for what you do in social networking sites.
Socializing in those social networks is really fun, meet your friends, relatives, classmates, colleges and have fun. Now, in this money making social networking websites, you can invite your friends and family and have fun there and you actually get paid for what you do.

What do I need?

You just need a paypal account, which is very easy to make and if you don’t have just go to paypal.com and make it absolutely free instantly, a computer (which I guess every body has), an internet connection and then you go on and on socializing.

Such sites which I would recommend you are:

Mypage5.com is one of the best website I’ve come across which I myself use and have got paid too. This website Mypage5 is like just any other website for social networking like facebook, orkut, etc which pays money, real money for socializing. Mypage5 pays you for commenting on profile and photos, uploading photos and videos, creating blogs, creating groups, posting topics on groups, chatting, etc. You also get paid for comments you receive in your blogs and videos. Just what you’ve got to do is sign up at mypage5.com add friends, make more and more and just comment and stay active.
Mypage5 has a minimum payout of $25 and earning $25 dollars in this website is not a big deal. So hope you sign up and start earning in this site soon. Now just log in to mypage5.com

Yuwie.com is another social networking site like what I mentioned above which also pays for socializing like what you do in facebook, hi5, orkut. Yuwie is not a scam and a genuine site that pays you. You can try signing up yuwie.com and start the process of making money online and getting rich by socializing in this social network.


Indyarocks.com is also a social networking site that lets you earn. Unlike the two above, this site does not pay you for posting comments and photos, but pays you well for the views you get in your uploaded videos. What you’ve got to do is add lots of friends and upload interesting videos. Then, lots of people may view those videos and more views you get, more you get paid. They also send you money via checks. You can also link you Google ad sense account with this site and earn extra from Google ad sense too. Isn’t that cool?

So guys what are you waiting for? Sign up at these sites and happy socializing and earning too.


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5th Oct 2010 (#)

Great article. As we're socializing, might as well get paid for it--huh?

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
12th Oct 2010 (#)

Quite nice

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author avatar Mr Arrogant
12th Oct 2010 (#)


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author avatar Malvika
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Guys earn alot while socialising with sidetick ..
Hurry click here


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