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I love earning online and I love music, so MusicXray is the perfect site for me. Read this article to find out if this website is right for you.


I love finding new ways to make money online, and I love it even more to share these new money making ways to the readers of my articles. One of my latest earning ventures online is MusicXray, now this site does not pay that great, but it's very easy money, especially for those who love music. I was a member of the website Slicethepie for a few years, and I made a fair bit of cash over there, that was until they ripped me off for £60 or so pounds. Well after that I thought earning money online by listening to music was over for me, until I ran into this website MusicXray.

This site is absolutely nothing like Slicethepie really, because you don't write any reviews on MusicXray, in fact the only thing they do have in common, is the fact that the two sites revolve around music. MusicXray say that they are trying to create the best way for music fans to discover new music and new bands, and by giving a small cash incentive for each track a member of there site listens too, seems to be bringing in the masses. This site is a good advertising service for new bands who are fresh on the scene, and as the members of this site are in categories of there music tastes, bands can go after a target audience rather than just anybody. Some of the bands who play on

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MusicXray are a little less than ready, and some of the songs can be pretty bad, but that does not really matter, when you can click the song off after just 30 seconds and still be compensated. MusicXray even offers it's members the chance to support any band they may love. In supporting a band on MusicXray, you can become a direct fan which means you will be able to follow the movements of your chosen band and watch there career unfold, and you can even leave the bands a tip, a small cash incentive to show your appreciation to the bands you enjoy listening too.

MusicXray is a free site to use, all you have to do is sign up and tell them what kind of music your into, and they will start sending you tracks to your email to listen too. Now I will be the first to admit that 10 cents is not a lot of money, but just to listen too a track, id say that's not bad really. So if your into earning online and into music, then this could be a great site for you, sign up today and start getting rewarded by simply listening too new songs with MusicXray.

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11th Apr 2016 (#)

Signed up for music xray and for a week now there havent been songs to review. What's up with that?

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