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Gratis points is a market research website that will reward you for taking surveys. Ive said it before and I will say it again, there are a lot of rubbish paid survey websites on the net. Read my review to find out if Gratis points is a website worth participating in.

Gratis Points

Paid surveys are widely used over the internet, as they are free websites which enable you to earn some money whilst taking surveys online. But it is not just the fact you get paid which only interest's people, as by taking surveys you will get the chance to shape the future with your opinion's on product's, brand's and services.
Gratis Points is one of the paid survey sites out there which will let you earn cash whilst taking surveys. The same as most other sites like this out there, you will need to give away a little bit of personal information about yourself, thing's like your name, age and some of your likes and interest's. This information will help the site to identify the surveys they have which will be most relevant to you.

On Gratis Points you can take quick polls as well as surveys, these quick polls you do not get paid for, but they can lead to extra surveys being offered to you. The concept is the same as most other survey sites, and the longer the survey is that you take, then the more you will be rewarded. On completion of surveys with this site, you will not automatically be paid, instead your survey will be under a pending list, this is so somebody who work's for the site can check the answer's you have given, to make sure your not a time waster flying through the surveys and not answering the question's correctly. On signing with the site, you will be given 500 point's straight off for nothing, so this get's you off to a good start as you aim for the redemption amount.

The market research company which own's Gratis points is United Sample Inc and USamp.Uk, they are a reputable company and legit and above board. This site is available for a few different countries around the world, and they are all stated on there homepage. They also have a support team who claim to quickly reply should you have any problem's, thus far I have had no problem's on the site, so this is something which I can not confirm. You do have to be at least sixteen year's of age, if you wish to use and earn with this site.

Most of the surveys you do with this site are pretty interesting and easy to do, and a great thing is they do send lot's of surveys out on a daily basis. Earning's are based on a reward system, and you will get points for each survey that you take, when you have enough points you can then swap them for online and offline voucher's. The site is set up great and really easy to navigate around and use, and if you wish to cancel your account then that is easy to, unlike some other survey sites I could mention. One big problem with some paid survey sites is that you can be fazed out of surveys once you have started them, if this happen's on Gratis Points then you will be awarded some points by way of compensation. Once you earn your points and claim your reward's, the site states they will get your voucher's to you within three to four week's, but I have found it actually only takes ten day's.


Although this site does send out a lot of surveys to you, it does still take a fair while for you to earn enough points to redeem. Because of this I would say that this is not a site for people looking to earn with minimum effort, or people looking for some quick cash without much effort. There are much higher paying survey sites out there, but for people really wanting to earn good money, with a daily dedication to taking surveys, then this is a site well worth sticking on your survey list. Making money has never been so easy, so if you like the sound of it and think it could be for you, then type Gratis Points into the Google search engine and sign up for free today.

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