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There are a tone of way's to make money online, some sites are good and some are terrible. Read this article to find out about the website Points2Shop, a site with over four million user's and a rich history, and who claim to be a place to help you make some cash online.


When researching this website Point2Shop online, it is very clear that there are some mixed emotions regarding it. It seems many have loved the site, and wrote about it being a great place to earn some cash online, while others are not so happy, even going as far as calling the site a scam. Points2Shop was founded in 2007, it is a private company from Georgia which run's it, and the company has up to 50 people working for it. This is certainly an international site for user's, and if what they claim is true, a very successful one, they claim to have 4.5 million users, spread out across two hundred different countries.

This site is a little bit like a GPT site, but a little more professional, I would be more inclined to label it as a online rewards programme, similar to Swagbucks and CashCrate. Point2Shop is the partner website to another successful website called Cashle, and upon signing up to either one of these sites, you will get a automatic membership to the other. The only problem with this is, you can not complete the same offers on both sites, so it is probably best to choose just one of the sites to use in my opinion. The site doesn't give you cash for your activities, but instead gives you points, which can then be swapped for cash.

Is it worth it?

Point2Shop is free to join, and just signing up for them will get you $2.50 worth of points, this is a great way to get started with the site. There are a load of ways to start earning points, like taking surveys, completing short tasks and viewing ads, also they offer you a way to earn money by shopping with popular retailers through there site. Points2Shop is perfect for gamer's, you can get paid for playing games, it works like this. You play another user for some where in the world, you both put money into the pot, and the winner takes all, this can be very profitable for people who are good at online games.

Also they have a referral system, not the best I have seen, but for every person you get to join the site, you will be awarded fifty points. Also points2Shop has it's very own lottery, now whether you earn with this will come down to chance, but it is weekly and can some times be worth up to $100. There is a loyalty programme on the site, and the longer you are there the more offers you are given, you start out on Bronze and can move up to the highest level of Legend. A great thing about this site, is that it works on mobiles and tablets by using there app, so you can do it on the go, where ever and when ever you want.

You can use your earnings on Point2Shop by choosing items to buy on Amazon, and the site will get you the product you want, if this does not suit you, you can also redeem your earnings into Alertpay, PayPal, E-Gold and Liberty Reserve. This site is not a scam, not in my opinion, but there have been people who have complained online about Point2Shop, im sure there have been mistakes made in the past, and with 4.5 million users it stands to reason not everything will run smoothly. But I myself have found the site a fun, and enjoyable way to make a little extra cash online, just don't go thinking you will get rich from it, it will take time, but ten minutes a day is enough to make you some extra pocket money.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2014 (#)

Lets give it a try mate, cheers!

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author avatar micheal
18th Sep 2014 (#)

go for it fern

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