Earned my first pound on Wikinut

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Just reached one UK pound on Wikinut which works out to be about one dollar and 68 cents. How long did it take to earn your.

Earned my first pound on Wikinut

Earned my first pound on Wikinut

Wow I’ve just noticed that I’ve earned my first pound On Wikinut, that's about 1 dollar 68 cents at the current exchange rate. Thank you Wikinut and everyone who as viewed my posts. I joined back in last August however I didn’t really do much with the website until about a month ago.

When I first joined Wikinut I only uploaded three posts and then totally got side tracked with other things which I’m involved in. I did pop back now again to see how things were going and if I had any views on the three posts I’d up loaded.

When I came back to the website about a month or so I thought I would see what I could be with regarding earnings. From three posts I’m now up to 21 this being my 22 post here on Wikinut.

I’ve sent my work out to Twitter, Facebook the usual social media websites to gain views and hopefully push up my earnings.

Now my earnings are just standing at over one UK pound, just another four to go and I can cash out, I wonder how long that will take me to do.

How long did it take you to reach the minimum you can cash out?


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I love to be online earning money from different website I'm on. I think it wonderful to share your work to other people around the world.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th May 2014 (#)

I think Wiknut now pays out at 2.50, so you do not have long to go. Keep writing, and keep sharing your articles. Write information that you know such as things about where you live, things that people might look for online, use your own pictures too. And for sure remember to add your referral code at the end of your articles.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
11th May 2014 (#)

Good evening, Kevin, I would echo everything that Mark said. I think photos would enhance your articles. I just hit 100,000 views since I joined last September, so watch for an article in the next couple days where I write about many of the things you mention in this article. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Carol
11th May 2014 (#)

Well done Kevin, keep writing!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
11th May 2014 (#)

yes keep on Kevin...i write a lot and get a lot of views but earn very little...but that is not why I am here...I love writing and sharing my concepts on life and love...

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author avatar Jhon Marshall
14th May 2014 (#)

where to see the balance?

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
28th May 2014 (#)

I have earned one payout. It took 6 months, and it was less than the minimum. But YAY for your first pound -- I hope it won't be your last!! ;)

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author avatar peachpurple
10th Jun 2014 (#)

i joined here in 2012, its been 2 years already and i am still at $1.40

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author avatar YourFriend
20th Jun 2014 (#)

I am far away from one pound. Anyway , what you are looking forward to now?

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author avatar Retired
29th Oct 2014 (#)

You give me hope, Kevin. I've got twice as many posts as you do, having started two months later than you, and still not one pound!

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