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An article discussing about online money making opportunities and whether investments are worth it.

Let's Get Started

If you are looking at this article, its highly likely that you are looking for some ways to make money online too. Its not rare to find people wandering around the net trying to make extra income apart from their real life salary. But is it really that easy to make money online like what many people claims? My assumption is that most of the money making schemes floating around are scams that wants you to invest and then not getting your supposed profit back.

So today i will be listing down the various ways that you can really make money from internet and not worrying about them paying because i have personally received payments from them. The list is not exclusive but those listed will be the ways that can earn you residual amount of money with the least effort.

1. Get Paid To (GPT)

This type of sites allow you to earn money from different areas. Most of GPTs have surveys, tasks, offers, videos. Generally, by completing all those areas, you will be able to earn the minimum payout within one days or a few. GPTs is basically a concept of helping you combining all the earning opportunities online and putting it together in their sites. They earn by drawing commissions from the opportunities, then they pull out a certain amount to pay you. So the only chance that of them turning scam is when they do not receive the money from the third party.
Investments are not visible from most people view but when you are completing offers, which is a part of the earning ways, you are actually investing. Most offers require you to make some sort of payment, and if you know how to bypass this, you will be earning the full amount without worries of not getting your money back. However, i will not be discussing that since this article is meant to be a legit reference.
Sites that are legit and paying from my experience

Cashle & Points2shop (same owner)
Fusion Cash

2. Paid To Click (PTC)

This type of sites allow you to earn money mainly by visiting ads for seconds. While this is initially how early PTC sites works, nowadays they have included other ways to earn like doing tasks, clicking grid for chance to win big & some even give you money for viewing youtube videos and facebook likes. Similarly to GPT sites, PTC sites earn money from the sponsor who buy ad space on their sites and then give a percentage of that money to the member who is clicking the ads for them. Possible bot : Multiclicker2
Investments are not required to earn money from these sites but if you invest, it will make the earning process go either faster or unfortunately slower. This is because the investments in PTC sites are renting referrals. Referrals are other members who are clicking the ads too but they have no upline, and they can become your downline which will earn you a percentage of their earnings. Some rented referrals have a time limit while some is permanent. Eitherways, this investment depends on how active your referrals are.
Sites that are legit and paying from my experience

Cashnhits ( the site which has permanent rented referrals and pays for youtube views and facebook likes )
Cashtream ( sister site of cashnhits )
Cash camel ( earnings are low but there are many ads )
Ref4bux ( Registered company )
PTCbox ( New site with low ads count but high pay rate, paying but currently facing paypal problems )

3. Paid To Surf sites

This type of sites allow you to earn money by visiting sites from other members. Usually you will be able to choose whether you want to surf sites to earn credit for your own site or earn money. There are two sub-category here, Autosurf to earn and Manual surf. *Important* Paid Autosurf sites usually turns out to be scam or they pay very very very little. So if you saw a autosurf sites that claims to pay alot then it is definitely a scam. Manual surf traffic exchanges that pay are becoming more common nowadays but it usually requires you to have a lot of free time on your hand ( literally for clicking ). Possible bot : Auto clicking captchas
Investments are not included in these sites but it is still possible to do so externally. What i mean is that you can buy referrals externally for a lower price than what the site pays you to get an active referrals. This is a good investment because most manual surf sites pays you for active referrals, which has the criteria to click a minimum amount of sites. So when you buy referrals externally you can set the requirement and refuse to pay if they failed to do so. Investments for autosurf are usually not available, rented referrals will only earn you credit not cash.
Sites that are legit and paying from my experience

Easyhits4u ( botting is not advised and impossible, strong cheat detection )
247trafficpro ( bots available... search for it )
Crunchingbaseteam (autosurf)
Surfmore.eu (autosurf)
NEW- Ebseucher.de (autosurf sell back the excess credits )
NEW- Oxosurf (autosurf sell back credits )

4. Paid To Write Article

This type of sites allow you to earn money by writing articles, well this is unnecessary but i will still write it. Such sites earn money usually by placing ads on their site. Similarly you earn money through the ads placed in the same page as your article. Most of the sites offer google adsense or chitika ads but there are exceptions though. The earnings varies but depends mostly on the number of views to your articles and ads relevance.
Investments are not available for them.
Sites that are legit and paying from my experience

Triond ( the best there is, the exception that don't use google adsense? )
Yahoo voices ( pay the most but need really professional written articles )
Experts column ( New, i cant even submit my articles on this site try at risk)

5. Owning a Blog or a site

This is the last opportunity i will discuss in this article. It is actually quite obvious that this way of earning is the best if you know how to do it correctly. The earnings will depends on how you set it to be. Whether you earn through CPM ads or CPC ads, it will still be a lot if your site/blog is receiving many visitors. You can send hits to your site using autosurf or manual surf traffic exchange and earn money ( not available for all ads )
Investments is possible if you pay people to comment your site/blog or to follow or to.... any ways that will make your site seems popular.
Ways to earn with your site/blog

Cpx24 ( low minimum payout $0.50 payment received every week )
Others PTP
Others ads ( preferably not google adsense )
Asking for donation as support to site ( this is hard unless your site is really useful popular)

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Thanks for the insight, success for your article

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Here are two PTC websites you may want to check out; http://www.ptcsense.com/index.php?ref=weesey65 $1.00 a click and http://twodollarclick.com/index.php?ref=lindatuck0317 $2.00 for each click.

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