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This page is about Bux.to, which is a online earning opportunity. Read this page and find out if this is a site that could fit into your daily routine. Honest website reviews.


Bux.to is a website which started in 2007, and around that time when it first appeared, there was a lot of speculation, as to whether this site was a scam or not. But as it is still around and being used six years later, I think we can now safely presume it is legit.
This site has two different function's and uses, you can use it to make some cash with, or you can use it to advertise your blog and blog post's. People advertising with this site, pay a fee to have there webpages, advertised on this site, then user's get a small percentage of this money by looking through the webpages advertised on the site, Bux.to get the rest of the money. User's have to look at each webpage displayed for at least 30 second's in order to get paid.

They have a really good referral system over at Bux.to, and this is a great way to maxamize your profit's, especially if your online network is big. This site does have thousand's of user's from all around the world. Payment is a little slow on this site compared to other's I have used, and it does take around 30 days to redeem your earning's. This is due to many people trying to scam and abuse the website over year's, so now it takes this long for all check's to be done, in order to make sure there is no cheating going on. Bux.to does have active support team, who will help you should any problem's come to be. The system on this site is actually really good, but I would say it is the slowness of it that it letting the site down a little.

A way to earn cash

I think this site is a pretty good way for online earner's to earn some cash, it is really easy money for your online activities. They are a very reliable site to work for, and will always pay you, but you do have to make sure you stay on the sites when surfing and earning for at least 30 second's. Switching off before 30 second's is seen as cheating by the web owner's, and doing it will get your earnng's took off you, and a swift ban to go with it.
This site does have a good F&Q on there site which will help you when starting out, they also offer a page showing payment proof's, as to show you they are safe to use.

So this is a really good site to use, although I do have one problem with it. My problem is with there payment option as all they offer is Payza. Payza is a safe and reliable way to get paid online, it's just I never really had enough sites paying into there, to really grow some cash. Now you no the facts on this site, you can make a informed decision as to whether it would suit you, happy earning.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice read!

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4th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks, this is a good article. I myself have joined 7 ptc websites . Two of them have paid me already for just clicking ads. But this may be one that you may like, that has a lot of activities going on: http://www.quickrewards.net/?r=lindalt

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author avatar micheal
24th Sep 2014 (#)

your welcome

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author avatar Retired
9th Mar 2014 (#)

This PTC website is one of the best. No scam. Check it out! I made $26.00 in 2 days just clicking ads. http://twodollarclick.com/index.php?ref=lindatuck0317

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author avatar Retired
30th Sep 2014 (#)

I would like for you to know that bux and twodollarclick are scams. At twodollarclick they never paid me. Quick rewards takes a lot of time. But the following website I have gotten paid $25.00 2 times plus I have 10 referrals. Check this website out. http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=lindatucker

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