Earnings Vs Expenses

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This article is about earnings and expenses. Most of us having higher expenses than our earnings.

Earnings Vs Expenses

It is very hard to see a person whoever get satisfaction with his/her salary, since our expenses is higher than our salary in most of the sort. All of us are interested in a work with higher salary, but it is very hard to get a good job with a great salary, if we have this kind of great job, surely our expenses are also high like our income.

Our life style will change based on our earnings, if we are earning a normal income, we have a normal life style and spending money based on the earnings. If we are earning a lot, we started to spend lavishly and interested in buying expensive things and give a try to most of the things. This kind of unwanted expenses will results in higher expectations in salary and we expect more salary even we are earning a better income. Our dreams and desires don't have any control and expectations will be increased based on it.

We must learn to get satisfaction with our salary and avoid unwanted expenses, there is nothing wrong in buying needy things. But don't spend money in buying luxury items, if we started this kind of activities, then our earnings are very low compared with our expenses and we are searching for the way to increase our earnings and interested with highest paying jobs.

Even the person whoever receiving the great salary also have higher expectation and they need more and more increments in their salary to live more extravagant life. As i already mentioned our dreams and desires never have any limitation and it will be increased based on our life style. If a person is having a cycle, he will dream about two wheeler. If he got the two wheeler, he will dream about the car and so on. Our needs and necessaries will be increased based on our expectations and our expenses also increased based on it. So only most of the people don't get satisfaction with their earnings and wish to earn more and more to compensate their unwanted expenses.


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