Easy Money Saving Ideas!

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Are you on a budget? Do you just want to save some money or get some discounts? Here are some quick and easy ideas that could work for almost everyone.

Easy Money Saving Ideas!

When I began focusing on making more money and having more abundance, prosperity, and wealth in my life, the Universe sent me ways of saving money too, which in reality is making money.

Here are some examples of the ideas that came to me within just a few days.

1. Get a membership at your favorite bookstore. It cost $25.00, depending on where you are, but with the amount of books I purchase I got $7.00 back on the first purchase. I saved tons of money over the years and now I can shop on line too.

2. If any bookstores offer free cards, take them. This gives them access to your email and or home address to send you coupons. This will sometimes save you up to 30%. Remember, coupons also save money. It's like putting free money in your hands. If you were going to spend $30.00 on the book and you only spend $21.00, that's $9.00 to spend on something else or to put in your savings account.

3. Rent books, CD's and DVD's from the library. It's free! Now you can also go to the Red Box or similar boxes and spend a whopping $1.08. We've come a long way.

4. Buy a local savings card for your area that saves money each time you go to local establishments. Kids sell them for their schools. I save money on a beverage each time I fill up at my gas station. At the local supermarket I get a free dozen eggs with every $10 purchase. I get $2.00 off at my CD/DVD store. I get $4.00 off a car wash. I get all of this and more for only $10.00 for the entire year. I save a lot of money by spending that initial $10.00

5. Ask for what you want. If there is something you know someone has that you need and is going to throw it away,ask for it. Example: I teach creative visualization. In these classes we use a lot of different types of magazines to cut pictures and sayings out of. I ask everyone that I know including stores that keep magazines out for their customers if I can have them. They are going to throw them away anyway. This way I do not have to pay for them. One person's trash is another's treasure. So, I asked the two beauty salons that I go to, the local tanning booth, a chiropractor, my friends and family, and anyone else who had magazines. I ended up getting all of my magazines free for the workshops. People would even bring in their own to share. If you don't ask, you will not get what you want. That's not saying that you will always get a yes but asking is a win-win situation, even if they say no. You didn't have what you asked for before you asked so if they say no, you still don't have it. You didn't lose anything. Right?

6. If you go out to dinner a lot and/or the movies, purchase a local entertainment book - these books have good deals for local restaurants and establishments. Check out sites such as Restaurant.com for big discounts.

7. If there is something that you use often and/or buy a lot of, buy in bulk. We are lucky enough to have Wholesale distributors, use them.

8. Give your clothes and merchandise to charities. Ask for a receipt for your taxes. You will be helping people and could also claim it on your taxes. What's better than that? This is definitely another win-win situation. Some people even give them to consignment shops and make some money.

9. Wait to buy your clothes until ½ way through the season. It's amazing how spring clothes come out when it's still 10 degrees out and the winter clothes are already ½ price. If you always wear the same size, I would consider buying for next year.

10. If your bank has a rewards system - use it. Some bank debit cards, if used as credit, give you points towards gift cards and merchandise. This is free money just for using your debit card as a credit card. No interest, no finance charges, just a debit card being used as a credit card. Win-win.

11. Use your credit cards that you get reward points on, some stores allow you to pay cash right after. If it is not a store that accepts an in store cash payment, put that amount of cash on the side or in your checking account, to pay immediately upon arrival of the bill. Do not take part in number in this suggestion if you are not going to pay it off as soon as it comes or you're defeating the savings purpose.

12. Car payments - even if it's just a nominal amount such as an extra $20.00 per month, send it towards your principal payment. (This is sometimes a different address, be sure to ask) (Write "principal payment" on the check and envelope). This will reduce the amount of time you are paying.

13. If stores offer free cards that they scan whenever you make a purchase, take them; they usually come along with privileges. Either you get a discount right then and there or you will receive coupons based on your spending. It's worth it. Win-win.

14. Go through the fliers for local stores. If there are two stores that you will be passing that week and they each have something different on special that you and your family use a lot, by all means stop at both stores. Take advantage of the bargains.

15. Look through the coupons and mailers that you receive in the mail and by email. Sometimes there are valuable coupons that could save you a bundle.

16. Shop on line for the cheapest airline tickets. Sometimes you could get a cheaper price just by purchasing the tickets on line. You can also get a credit card with points for plane fare.

17. Hotels also offer some discounts on line that you cannot get over the phone or in person. Shop around.

18. Check out what your credit card offers you in discounts towards rental cars and other things. You will be surprised.

19. Ask your credit card company to wave your yearly fee.

20. Keep your car maintenance up to date. This will save you from big bills all at once. There is less of a chance of things going wrong with the car if you are getting it serviced.

21. Take a defensive driving course. Save 10% for the next 2 - 3 years, I believe it is. Even if you do not have points to get rid of you will still be saving money for that time.

22. Check out AAA. You spend a small amount of money and you save on everything from car rentals to flowers. It's worth it!

23. Call your credit card company and see if they could lower your monthly % rate.

24. When ordering online, check out sites like Couponcabin.com before you order, or any sites that offer promotional codes. I save as much as $30.00 sometimes.

25. When buying in bulk, wholesale warehouses such as BJ's, Costco's and Sam's Club offer great savings . Just be aware of normal prices because some things are not a bargain.

I'm sure you will think of many more. If you do, write to me with your ideas. These are my ideas; they may work for you and they may not. They certainly work for me. Have a good time saving money and let me know how you do!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Great tips. I have a garden, and my own hens for eggs so both reduce my food budget, also we really cut back on the amount of meat we eat which also saves money

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I like that one..

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author avatar Brian Daniel
10th Jun 2011 (#)

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