Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities

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Saving electricity can save you money. There are some simple things that you can do to cut back on your utility usage and build your savings.

Simple Things to Save Money on Utilities and Increase Savings

Building savings is a good way to ensure that you have a financially secure future. Saving money on utilities is a good and easy way to increase your savings. When savings is increased then you can decrease your stress level. There are dozens of items in the home that use electricity in addition to water and/or gas which can be considered utilities as well. How do you save money on your utilities? There are a number of things that you can do that only require you to pay attention to what you're doing.

When you look around your home there are a number of things that can be increasing the amount of money spent on utility bills. Leaky windows, doors and faucets can all add to the amount paid for utilities; taking the time to fix these things can show you an instant reduction in the utility bill even if the initial amount is small. A little weather stripping, caulk, foam, replacement washers or a new faucet or two will make the bills go down.

Leaky faucets increase the water bill and the bill to heat the water if it's a hot water leak. While you're heating water coming out of a leaky faucet it takes longer, even when you don't have the water on a leak in the hot water pipe can cost you as much as $100 more a month or more depending on how long it was leaking. Practicing a few simple water conservation techniques in the home can help you to reduce the amount you spend on utilities as well.

Little things like not allowing the water to run when you brush your teeth and taking a short shower can save you on the water bill. When it rains you can catch the rain water in order to water dead spots in the lawn or your potted plants and flowers.

Leaky windows and doors increase the cost of heating and cooling the home. What else is increasing your utility bills? The appliances in your home could have leaky seals as well which can run up the utility bill.

The laundry is another area where you can save money on your utility bill. Washing only full loads of laundry on the shortest cycle possible to get them clean will reduce the amount of times you use the washing machine each month. Using cold water for the wash will save the cost of heating the water; hanging clothes out to dry will save on the utility bills as well.

Heating water is a big part of the utility bills in most homes. Fitting the hot water heater with a blanket will help to reduce the amount of time needed to heat the water. Taking a shower instead of bath will save on water and limiting the time spent in the shower will help to lower the water bill. When it comes to washing dishes you can wash them in hot water and rinse them in cool water. Dishwashers should only be ran when full.

Unplugging items such as phone charges, televisions and other electronic devices that use electricity even when they're off will lower the utility bill as well. Items that are in use often can be plugged into a surge protector which can be turned off when you go to bed at night. How many lights do you use at once? If you have to turn on three of four lights to see you can make a small change to save money.

Compact florescent light bulbs cost more to begin with but last longer and use less energy than traditional bulbs. Replacing the current light bulbs will keep the bulbs from producing heat and you will use less energy for the same wattage. You may just find that you can use a lower wattage than you believed at first. Turning the lights off when you leave the room for more than fifteen to thirty minutes at a time will save you money on utilities as well. Outside lights can be put on motion detectors so that you're home is still protected but they do not stay on all the time.

Dressing for the weather will make the portion of the utility bills for heating/cooling the home decrease. Adjusting the thermostat up or down a few degrees and putting it on the automatic setting to maintain the temperature instead of leaving it in the on position will save you money while keeping you comfortable. Using fans with the units will help you to feel more comfortable. When it comes time to do the spring cleaning and air out the house you can turn off the unit. Opening the windows to create a breeze will add fresh air to the house and prevent it from getting too stuffy.

Saving money on utility bills isn't difficult. It takes some planning and a little attention to detail but it's well worth it. Just don't forget to put the difference in what you budget for the utility bill and the actual amount into savings.


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