Economic Benefits to a Community as the Result of Tourism

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There are many benefits of encouraging tourism in your home town. Some areas dislike tourists because they can be pushy, or rude, they take the best beaches and sometimes disrespect the area, and locals. However, in a suffering economy attracting tourism dollars can be the key to success.

Tourists Need to Eat and Sleep


One thing most travelers do in a tourist area is usually having something to eat before passing through. Once stopped it is very likely they will have a meal, snack, or even get a cup of coffee to take with them. Restaurants employ cooks, waitresses and dishwashing staff. This includes ice cream shops, bakeries, and so forth.

Restaurant staff can help suggest great other things for people to see or do while in the area, thus encouraging tourists to stay a bit longer, hopefully spending more money too. Helpful staff may not see this as benefiting them, but customers may tip more in appreciation for the extra tourist tips.


Hotels generally employ many people, managers, housekeeping staff, and so forth. The more tourist attractions an area has the more likely it is to have guests use the hotels in the area, and for more nights, thus generating employment and revenue to the area. This also includes campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations. Hotels should do their best to promote tourism, dining, and shopping, in their area, thus helping the local economy.

Gas and Shopping in Tourist Areas

Gas Stations

Gas Stations will see a lot of increased business when located near a tourist attraction. They are a convenient additional stop when people visit a tourist attraction. Most people who stop at tourist attractions will also stop at a local gas station. They might get gas, pop, or snacks.


Stores employ sales people and if they sell locally produced items, such as arts and crafts, they support local artists. Although many tourists won't spend any money in the shops some will and this can be of benefit to a community.

Most tourist destinations have gift shops with souvenirs, but tourists also often buy small things that they have forgot to bring, such as suntan lotion, a hair brush, or bathing suits.

Tips for People who Work in Tourist Areas

It is important that anyone who works in a tourist area recognize the value of tourism in their area. Tourists who are treated well will come back, they may stay longer, and spend more money.

People who work in tourist areas should be familiar with all their area has to offer and be willing to share their knowledge with tourists, again, this helps keep tourists in the area longer, or will bring them back.

A friendly and positive attitude will make tourists feel happy, and happy people tend to spend more.

Remember that people who feel good while on holiday seem to loose their inhibitions about spending, they tend to “forget” that they have bills at home. Even the most budget minded person tends to be more free about spending when they are on holiday.

Note: For every tourist dollar spent, about 40 to 50 cents stays in the community; money that the community would not otherwise have. If we figure the average tourist spends $100.00, and estimate 100 tourists per day, a community could be gaining $5,000.00 per day. Of course this will be considerably higher in “tourist season”, and depends on how the tourists are treated, and what they spend their money on.

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author avatar Retired
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Good star page, Mark. Cute photos of the deer!

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author avatar Funom Makama
15th Oct 2011 (#)

This is unique and excellent. I love such info.... Thanks for sharing...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Maine depends on "Our Summer-People" and I mean no disrespect calling our wonderful tourist that because they are the life-bread of is title not a name we called them form my childhood..a sleepy little village in the winter and spring becomes a buzz with activities in summer and the fall, thank heaven for our tourist! A superb article Mark...full of outstanding information!

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author avatar Retired
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Excellent information....shared on fb and twitter....thanks for sharing.....

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author avatar Sam Bralley
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Well written and meaningful article. I guess it all boils down to 'Be Kind to People--' Congrats on the star...

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author avatar Buzz
15th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks, Mark, for this article that further enriched my understanding of tourism.

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
17th Oct 2011 (#)

Great article. This article goes hand and with cities with sports teams in away. Especially when you fans from a rival team coming to the town that they are playing.

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
18th Oct 2011 (#)

So true, spectacular tourism article and info, tips, all great!!
I adore the deer photos...awwwww, so cute.
That would pull me in, for sure!

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author avatar Sheila Newton
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Yeah...we're off to the Gambia in March. And if it wasn't for tourism, the country couldn't survive. I just wish tourists would RESPECT the country they visit. Doesn't always happen, does it?

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author avatar Teila
18th Oct 2011 (#)

So true, some great information here!

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author avatar Val Mills
19th Oct 2011 (#)

This has certainly proved the case as NZ buzzes with the tourists at the Rugby World Cup. The whole country has been appluaded for the way it has been treating tourists.

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author avatar ppruel
20th Oct 2011 (#)

Insightful article Mark. I like your summary - it's a killer!

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author avatar Bets
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Well Mark, All your subject titles sum it all up for me, "Tourists Need to Eat and Sleep
Gas and Shopping in Tourist Areas
Tips for People who Work in Tourist Areas
Travel and Tourism Links"

I remember days of traveling with my family. It was from my birth place Dayton, Ohio, to our family's new location Brevard County, Florida, to my daddy's roots on the Cumberland Plateau here in beautiful Tennessee. This place is the Golf Capital of this state. Enjoyed reading your articles for they brought back fondest memories of my childhood days to me. Many thanx to you. Smiles, Bets

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Nov 2011 (#)

Great Star Page, Mark, and some insight to how towns can benefit from tourists passing through..Great images too..

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author avatar johnnydod
19th Dec 2011 (#)

So much good info here, thanks mark for yet another great article

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