Enthusiasm, Gratitude, and Gaining Real Power and Wealth

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"Wealth and power", those are terms we hear too often, but, they take on a whole new and fresh meaning when approached with genuine enthusiasm and genuine gratitude as I shall explain in this article.

It is as basic as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Building power and wealth and keeping them is pretty simple. Do not take them for granted and take care of them well. That is a start in the genuine right direction. But, without that start, nothing happens, not even the most basic building blocks are on the right foundation. The right foundation starts with gratitude and never taking anything or any benefit for granted. So, here is where it all really starts: Acknowledge opportunity fully, and understand that opportunity is where you genuinely make it and notice it. Taking things for granted is how most opportunities are missed.

There are times to add, times to subtract, times to multiply and times to divide. It is the most basic thing in existence when everything is considered as there is a time to sow seed and a time to reap or harvest fruit. Do not take this for granted, notice this reality. The real gains and winnings come to those who know when to come in and when to get out, and when to get out once they are in. That is the mathematical principle I just mentioned that leads to genuine success in a nutshell.

Gaining wealth and power and keeping it are simple matters, but they do require effort. But then, effort always makes simple things seem complex in a way until you make your plans out on paper as well as carry out the plans, then the reality gives a whole new slant to the complex that is simple.

Growth is simply getting better at living and existing. What I mean is, once you have mastered one plan in the way I mentioned above, be more, do more and have more in that order. But, do not rush the process or rush past yourself, or it does become complicated in every way. Simplicity is going step-by-step in a realisitc manner that works with reality, not over it or under it. Like I said, there is a time to plant the seed, and there is a time to harvest the fruit, and it would be harmful to second-guess these times.

So, life is a game of action and reaction appropriately done when it comes down to reality. The question is: Are you strong enough to act beyond appearances to get what you genuinely want? Or are you going to let mere appearances panic you out of your genuine goal because a part of the process is not "exactly as planned". That brings me to a point. Imagine an airplane that successfully gets from one airport to another, and all the course corrections and pilot adjustments it has to make to get to that other airport. Success, power and wealth are just this way. AIrline crashes when the course is too closely followed without adjustment and atonement for wrong ways traveled. Yet, airline travel is successful when all the above course corrections and pilot adjustments are made and do work. Get my point? Reality may not go to plan all the time, but with adjustment and realistic work, we do get to our destination and goal. Sure, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are basic ways of getting math done, but, the complexities come and the wrong answers come when adjustments are not made, and carried numbers and the like are not done.

The best realities are created through flexible adjustment and atonement of the sort I am writing about. They are not created through rigidity or fear of change or growth, just like three plus two equals five, yet with an adjustment for multiplication, three times two equals six. Rigidity is failure, flexibility in the right places is success.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Interesting post and very fact filled one too, cheers!

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