FNB: "First National Bank" or "Federal Nazi Buro"?

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Our endless punishment for daring to do business with First National Bank continues in this tale of horrors...

FNB: "First National Bank" or "Federal Nazi Buro"?

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Nazi is hissing away at Father now.

Father hasn't changed his address or anything, but Nazi refuses to upgrade Father's credit card unless and until he provides a brand spanking new proof of residence. It's "the law", she hisses at him like some bitch who is going to slap him the next moment.

I cringe at how unfriendly and horrible, and damn plain incompetent the FNB staff are.

Father of course used to be an advocate, and has indeed read what this Nazi bitch calls "the law". It is in fact not anything close to "the law", but merely the bank's own regulations they wrote and then idiots like this bitch calls them "law".

But oh dear, telling her it's not "the law", makes her turn into some psycho horror Nazi bitch. She's obviously not used to being questioned. One can see her attitude is that she's "the bank" and therefore all-powerful above God, and we are the mere client who is filth at her "powerful" feet.

Father does remember he's carrying in his briefcase a copy of a policy he has somewhere, and it has his physical address on it. He doesn't need to show this stupid idiot any "proof of residence", but since he has something he might as well take it out and show it to her.

This arrogant bitch, who obviously has no insight into how business actually works, refuses to accept it, because it's a "copy". She says it must be a copy of an original.

This document is one Father had received by email, and then printed out. This Nazi says if he emails the original electronic document to her, then she can print it out and accept that printout.

More insane is that she will then scan it back in to the computer so it's electronic again and then attach it to Father's account.

Father asks her exactly how will her printout of it differ anything whatsoever from the printout of it he printed out. She explodes with more "DON'T QUESTION ME YOU FILTH!!!!" kind of attitude.

She then goes off somewhere and then comes back with some gibberish she copy and pasted off the internet. She shoves it under Father's nose, demanding he reads it with an attitude of "There, see? It's the law!!!"

It's just rubbish of course, not signed by anybody of any authority we acknowledge, but instead just some little stipulations and thingies written by the bank itself, which this whore now tries to convince us is "the law" that she can demand a proof of residence and when it's provided it's "the law" that she fishes for faults with it, and if we dare question her, well, we simply do not have any rights in her eyes and we do not have the right to question her way of operating because in her mind she is acting in the name of the Bank-god who is the ultimate authority of the universe.

Oh good heavens. We're dealing with some crawlingly low filth here. Does she not have any insight whatsoever that the focus of her business should be the customer and the customer's happiness, and that in business, with any transaction both parties involved should be happy?

This whore is in a state, Father is in a state, and yet, this whore believes this is the RIGHT way to do busines??? CONTINUE READING THIS TALE OF HORRORS...


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