FNB: How can we punish you today for doing business with us?

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Well, we've been at FNB for more than two hours, and all we've accomplished is to have Father emotionally and mentally raped by the FNB staff, in particular the fat horrible bitch we'll refer to as Nazi here.

FNB: How can we punish you today for doing business with us?

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Father, Mother and I have all been long time FNB customers for years. Our accounts have always been in impeccable order. All our records are on their computers for them to see.

And yet, Father is being treated by FNB like an absolute criminal for no reason whatsoever.

Nazi even says point blank that the reason she will not do anything unless and until Father has jumped through many, most unnecessary hoops is because "there are a lot of criminals out there", implying that she believes Father is one and therefore she's going to forcefully apply "the law" on him; "the law" of course referring to unnecessary rubbish which has nothing to do with "the law" whatsoever but instead hoops to jump through that the bank themselves wrote up.

But anyways, with the help of Father's secretary, Father did manage to forward that email with the policy document attached that has his physical address stated on it. He does have a hard copy with him right now that he offered Nazi as proof of residence, but she's too mean-spirited to accept it and says it's "the law" that Father sends her the original electronic document and then she will print it out herself, of course implying that she believes Father is scum who actually printed out a falsified version of the document.

I must say, by now I am seriously considering closing all my own FNB accounts and just walking away, and I suspect Father is feeling the same. I am appaled at how this horrible FNB Nazi whore treats us like we are prisoners in her Nazi concentration camp.

Nothing gets through to her. We are trying to make her see that we as her customers are not one bit happy with her conduct, and Father very correctly tells her that whatwith his longstanding good record of business he conducted with FNB right in front of her on her computer, she could just logically use her discretion and go ahead with the original request of upgrading his credit card that we originally came for two hours ago.

But this bitch is going to explode the next moment. Sometimes she deliberately starts talking to the incompetent "Trainee" while Father is still talking to her, ignoring him and showing her enjoyment of the illusion of power she has over him, her acting in the name of the Bank-god and all and Father just being a low life person of the public.

And this idiotic "Trainee" keeps asking about fifty thousand times for Father to hand over his ID, and then she hands it back, and then asks for it again, and then hands it back, and then asks for it again, and then hands it back, and so it continues for almost all of the two hours. The result is that afterwards, it's still with her, and Father has to go back to FNB to retrieve it after we have long left.

Anyways, as for the horrible time we're having here at FNB, being insulted and being told we are suspected to be criminals and are being treated as such, and being made to jump through the most unnecessary hoops only a comedy writer could come up with, after over two hours Father just says we'll conclude this later, and leaves.

We hope (not really) that this Nazi whore who resembled an Apartheid policeman insisting on "pass laws", enjoyed getting her way and succeeding in mistreating us for two hours without ever fulfilling the request we originally came here for.

All I can say is, FNB = HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Be an FNB client only and solely if you have no self-respect and are a sadist who likes being oppressed by a low-life bank institution.

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