FNB (First National Bank): How can we oppress you today?

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It's a general rule in business that your focus should be your customer.

However, I think the idea with that was that you focus on your customer's needs and satisfaction with the business you are conducting with him.

FNB (First National Bank): How can we oppress you today?

At First National Bank however, today we learn that they indeed focus on their customer, but that is in order to oppress him and give him that whole experience of what can only be described as being a victim in a Nazi concentration camp.

And that is why Father, Mother and I have this Nazi-type bitch on the FNB staff in front of us, hissing at us what can only be construed as that we are so wrong for being right and that we have no rights to question her Nazi-like ways because what she says and the way she treats us comes from the Bank-god, an authority higher and more unquestionable than God.

I feel ashamed of FNB, ashamed of the treatment Father is enduring, and ashamed of myself for having recommended FNB to him.

It all started some months ago when I was foolish enough to recommend to Father FNB's "e-bucks" program. With "e-bucks", you pay an annual fee and then earn "e-bucks" every time you swipe your card at participating partners. These "e-bucks" can then be used like money to buy with from participating partners.

But Father wasn't easy to convince. In his mind, a credit card is used to make debt, and although Father uses an FNB credit card for big transactions he doesn't have all the cash for, he feels that one has to be a pretty poor churchmouse loser to use a credit card for smaller, everyday transactions.

But I told him if he wants to get lots of "free money", the way to do it is to use his credit card for all his daily transactions so that he can earn "e-bucks" and get cash back so to speak. It's 1.2% on regular credit cards and 2.5% on platinum credit cards, and even as much as 15% back on fuel and groceries.

Well, when he finally decided he'll give it a try, he decided to make the most of it and first upgrade his credit card to platinum.

And so, Father, Mother and I stepped into what we thought was an FNB branch, but which turned out was more like a horror Nazi camp of oppression... CONTINUE READING


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