FNB. How can we help waste your life away?

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We're at FNB and our lives are being wasted away, as some incompetent girl on the FNB staff is twiddling around this way on her computer and fucking about that way, but she simply doesn't have the competence to do anything.

FNB. How can we help waste your life away?

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She tells us that she has no "mandate" on her computer for Father's account.

Meanwhile, it would appear the hours are ticking by.

I feel more and more ashamed of having recommended FNB and their "e-bucks" to Father, just so he could come here and be put through this incompetence of FNB staff.

I kinda fell asleep and lost the thread of events, it took so long and painfully slow to engage the process of upgrading Father's credit card to Platinum so that he can earn more "e-bucks".

And we still don't get any answer whatsoever when we keep asking how the amount of e-bucks earnable is determined. This chick just says it depends on "so many things", she can't even begin to tell us.

There's this other bitch there with dark hair and lots of fat on her bones. She looks like she's in charge of a war camp.

Fortunately this bitch, which we will henceforth call Nazi, does have the ability to get all the files on the computer that "Trainee" couldn't find for almost an hour. So, there is indeed a "mandate" for Father's account.

Okay, so can we get to upgrade Father's card now?

Nope. All this time was for nothing. These two refuse to do anything until Father shows them a brand spanking new "proof of residence". CONTINUE READING THIS STORY


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