Fake black money allegations used to steal Fixed Deposit (FD) receipts in India

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Bank fixed deposits, NSC, KVP are not safe investments in India as corrupt dishonest intelligence agency officials will steal the documents after making fake black money allegations, to force their victim to agree to identity theft

How corrupt greedy indian officials are stealing the hard earned money without a court order

Most middle class indians put most of their savings in bank fixed deposit (FD) receipts thinking that the money will be safe, especially when the bank is a nationalized bank. They do not know that these banks rely on intelligence agency officials who are often incompetent, corrupt, greedy and are bribed by large corporates who may want to destroy a person financially for their corporate goals like destroying competition or acquiring talent and technology cheaply.

These incompetent corrupt intelligence agency officials will make false black money accusations without any proof at all, to put a person under surveillance and to steal their retirement savings of twenty years without a court order or legally valid reason. The person being falsely accused, will not be given a chance to defend herself or himself against the false allegations, which every person has the right to, especially if the incompetent intelligence agency officials are making up completely false stories out of hatred, casteism and greed.

These officials will then waste tax payer money to torture the harmless person for years, block payment, close the account to force the person falsely accused to agree to identity theft, give up her hard earned savings, impressive resume to the lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced cheater friends and relatives of these corrupt greedy shameless intelligence agency officials. It is almost impossible to find out the names of the officials involved in theft of the FD receipt, and filing an RTI does not help as the ministry of finance blindly believes the complete lies of these powerful fraud officials

Most educated professionals believe that their hard earned money in bank FDs will be available whenever they want, so it will be extremely inconvenient when the money will be stolen by greedy indian intelligence agency officials without a valid reason, after making completely false black money allegations. For example if a person received salary in cash 21 years ago, while working for a small company, the cash deposit in the bank account will be labelled as black money to steal the FD receipt and promote the lazy greedy shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar.

In another case in Goa, the single woman engineer, domain investor had made a cheque transfer to her savings account from her current account from domain sales (which the lazy greedy goan frauds gsb conwoman riddhi siddhi sunaina falsely claim to own), yet the malicious greedy fraud intelligence agency officials are falsely claiming that it was cash deposit,black money, to justify the diversion of the correspondence of the domain investor, Paypal account holder to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers sex bribes, and exploit the domain investor. When it was a cheque transfer why are these greedy fraud officials falsely claiming it was a cash deposit?

The risk averse greedy corrupt officials do not want to take the risk of investing their money in domain names, yet these greedy powerful officials are quick to label a domain investor as having black money, to justify the theft of her FD receipt, defamation, cheating and exploitation of the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder for the rest of her life. Getting duplicate FD receipts is a very time consuming and expensive procedure and it can very inconvenient for a person who has worked honestly and hard for her money.

The fraud powerful officials who have stolen the FD receipts will falsely claim that the FDs were given to them voluntarily, while the victim of their fraud will waste time and money trying to find out the reason why the receipts were stolen, who has the FD receipts. From bank, post office and police officials, it appears that the theft of FD receipts has become a common practice in the indian internet sector, for small business owners, and they say that the receipt will be misplaced at home, when it will be kept in a bank locker controled by these officials, who are getting a good salary paid with tax payer money

None of these powerful fraud officials stealing the FD receipts of the harmless innocent engineer will have the honesty, humanity or courage to justify the theft of the savings of a single woman engineer in an open debate or face the engineer whose savings they have stolen. If you know of any other persons who FD, NSC, KVP receipts are stolen, please share your story


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