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The internet has lead the way to a boom in people trying to earn money from writing. The opportunities for writing and earning online are endless, so many are now giving it a go. One of these opportunities is writing for online fiction magazines. There are many great reasons to use these sites for writers, and many great sites around. Read on if you wish to find out about the world of online fiction magazines.

Writing online

Writing online has become really popular in the last ten years. There are so many great writing sites and writing opportunities on the internet, and many of these are open to beginners. The internet provides a great atmosphere for new writers. It is a way to reach the world with your words, gain feedback and grow in your craft.

Paid for ficiton

I think for most people interested in writing, they would aspire to one day write a book, and this is another thing the internet is great for. Today you can self publish, there are loads of sites out their who make it easy for you to publish alone. For online writers who have just started out, then writing a book may seem a little daunting. But not to worry, there are other things you can do to start boosting your confidence first.

Rev share sites are good for feedback as are blogs, and there are a host of none paying writing communities around. Yet I would say that if your really after some feedback on your story writing and a little extra cash, then online fiction magazines are the way to go. There are lot's of these kinds of sites on the internet, but most of them are different in some way. One thing they have all got in common is that they publish short fiction, and pay writers to write it.

Although veteran writers are accepted and very welcome, most online fiction magazines say they also want new writers to submit. I suppose they are hoping they come across the next big thing.

Each and every fiction mag pays different, some sites pay great whilst some are hardly worth it. So as with anything online, it's going to be a good idea to do your home work. This way you can make sure your getting a fair price for your stories. What fiction magazines are usually after, is either short fiction or flash fiction. Flash fiction is a relatively new idea I think, and is stories which are no more than one thousand words. Short stories can be anything from two thousand to seven thousand words, but usually five.

Online ficition magazines

There are some great reasons to write for these magazines. You will get wide exposure on your fiction and your writing name. Some sites even interview authors, and you can leave links to other books or blogs you have written on the stories you get published. This is all a great chance to get seen, plus you will earn some cash too. Also most sites don't have one editor check your work, they use five or six. All six will comment and give you their true opinion of your work, which is all great for learning and growing as writer.

For someone who has been paid for their writing before, then online fiction magazines are just another earning opportunity. But for newbie writer's, they can be so much more. One of the worst things for writers starting out, is really having the confidence to know you can write things people will want to read. If you get published with one of these sites, then you know you can. So as well as all the other great benefits, fiction mags work to build up your confidence as a writer. You never know, they may lead to you having the confidence to write the next best seller.

Here are a few mags to get started with, but there are plenty more. They are easily found by researching on Google, but this should be enough to get you going for now.

EveryDay Fiction
Vortex Fiction
Clarksworld (recommended)
One Story
LampLight fiction

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