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The elderly are wanting Congress to hurry-up and meet the deadline by balancing the budget without cuts to Social Security or any other fund that is their main line of support. What is the Congress waiting for time is running out. People are hurting, and the country is at it’s budget end.

The Opinion of Congress

It seems that many seniors are setting waiting for Congress to decide how they will live in the future. It has been three years since a cost of living raise has been given to those who are drawing Social Security. Today they are going to determine if Social Security will be cut even deeper. The worst scenario is will Social Security be stopped altogether. For over fifty years, seniors claim they worked putting money in the Social Security bank so that when it comes time to retire there would be an income that they could depend on.

How does Republicans Stand on this Issue today?

It has come to the attention of politicians that America is no longer stable and the bills need to be paid. We have given to support other nations, invested into pork barrel projects, lost our way totally. President Bush put the cap on things by wasting money in wars that we are not even winning. The Republicans think that it is time to save their own hide by supporting the rich of the country. After all, if the rich lose their money then who will pay them off and keep them going. Giving up a cruise or an extra helicopter is too much. Congress shakes their head because they know who puts the money in their bank account. It is not the average voter. It is the rich businesses.

The Opinions of Seniors

While we want jobs to increase and the country to get better, we are still worried about our future. What good has it done to have created medicines to continue our lives if we live them in the poor house. If Congress does not stick up for us, now then the future of the elderly will be doomed. How soon will each state have to open up Poor Houses? After all, we cannot find a bunch of dead old people in apartments because they cannot pay their utilities, buy food, or pay rent. The next step is to put them somewhere this will ease the pain of the horrible act of cutting Social Security.

Who is the Blame and Who Cares

Cut, Cap, and Balance is a method of digging into Social Security funds to cut the seniors out of their living expense, so the rich can have more money, putting a cap on the taxes that they refuse to pay. The balance will come at what price? Who at this point cares who screwed whom to get us where we are? Blame Bush, Obama, the Republicans or the Democrats but the result is that a means has to be found to save both the elderly and the nation. We could dedicate the money that goes to foreign countries to pay our own bills. We do not have to support those who we are at war with in order to save face.

Nothing in Life has Changed

Unfortunately, nothing in life has changed. Today we have been able to keep our social security checks with little to no raises in sight. The problem grows from the fact that Congress will recess or go on vacation before they make a decision to help the seniors. President Obama needs to make an executive order to keep things going and the best thing that politicians do is declare that they will sue him. We are still in need! Where will it ever end. Are we losing our country to the political regime? We need to be ever viligant and not let things go by until the right things have been done.

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author avatar WOGIAM
10th Jul 2014 (#)

Sad to read about how difficult government polices and cuts are making the standard of living for citizens, i hope there are no more cuts from congress on social security.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
10th Jul 2014 (#)

I agree with you and we need to stand ever viligant just in case the situation arises again.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
10th Jul 2014 (#)

Very informative and well eritten article.

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author avatar Margaret Michel
11th Jul 2014 (#)


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