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Confused about all the ways people claim to get free Microsoft Points for their Xbox 360? Simply read this article on the ways you can legitimately earn Microsoft Points on-line, without generators or scams. You will not find points in this page, you will find warnings on what not to do and what you can do to earn them.


These are probably the least likely ways to catch you out. Many people set up phishing websites and try and get you to put your legitimate Xbox Live details in. Whatever you do, do NOT give these websites your details. Always check that the URL in the address bar is "" before you sign in. Even if they don't ask for your password, they can figure it out using searches on the Internet and looking for the answer to your personal question. It's easy now that Facebook allow Google to search their data.

Once these websites have your details they can do many things with them. The worst case scenario is that you are locked out of your own e-mail address and the scammer is using your registered bank details to buy themselves games on your account.

Some people state that these websites work and that they were not scammed. There are two cases where people would say that these websites work. They could have had MS points added to their account using their own card details! It doesn't occur to most people but once they have had points added to their account they don't ask where they came from. More than likely it is from their own bank details. After a couple of weeks the scammers still have your password and e-mail address, and all of a sudden you can no longer log into your Live account.

The other way people get fooled is by the use of false testimonials. It's a really easy trick to get people to believe that they aren't being scammed. People want to believe that these MS point scams actually work, and are more likely to give up their personal details if 50 people have commented saying that it works. Whatever you do remember that these 50 people are probably the same person, add to this the fact that no-one has made a working generator for the points and it does lead you to believe that it doesn't work.

Point Generators

This is the most commonly used version of scamming people of their points. Many videos are available on Youtube depicting working MS point and Gold account code generators. There are a few different versions of how these can harm your account and PC. The most simple ones are made in Visual Basic and simply generate a random key whenever the "Generate Key" button is clicked. These "key-gens" usually contain added spy-ware and ad-ware. This is a serious worry as the "key-gen" creator usually gets a set payment (a matter of pence) for each install he makes. This doesn't sound like much, but if a fake key-gen is installed on 1000 different PC's that has made the creator enough for a couple thousand MS points. This is hardly the worst of the situation, the spy-ware then forwards your card details (if you have ever used it to buy anything on-line) to a higher up company who then sells your details on the black market ready for your card to be cloned and used to buy things. They can run up incredible debt and even ruin your credit rating so when you're older you will not be able to get a mortgage and therefore you will not be able to afford a house.

Other key-gens work like the scams above and ask you to put in your details so that you can have the points added to your account. This is worse than the scamming websites as they also have the ability to bundle spy-ware into the application. Seeing as most of the key-gens have over 3000 views on Youtube and many positive comments, it's easy to see how people are fooled into giving away their personal information, but it's a very risky move and it's not worth it.

The final key-gens are very well made and even have an "activate key" button. This is due to MS point cards needed to be activated by the cashier when they are bought. This makes the key-gen look incredibly realistic and the amount of views on these type of generators are ridiculous. All these people have done is added an extra button to the first type of generator and spent a bit more time making the generator look better.

To make it clear: There is NO working generator for Xbox Gold accounts and for MS points. There could be a video with over 50,000 views on Youtube and over 1000 positive comments, but if the up-loader wanted to get free money they would have spent a few hours making the comments and occasionally going through the comments and deleting the ones saying it's a scam. It's easy to be fooled, but remember that nothing is that easy otherwise everyone will be doing it.


Youtube is a highly misleading tool. Many people trust key-gens and phishing websites based solely on the amount of positive comments. This is a terrible idea as I have stated before. Remember that the video up-loader has the last word on what is published in the comments box. They could easily have made sure that all comments need to be authorized before they are shown. This ensures that no-one makes a negative comment.

Other videos show working key-gens and even go on to show that it worked by videoing themselves inputting the code into the xbox website. This is incredibly persuasive as then you are sure it works as you just saw someone do it. This is not the case, remember these are the same people who made the website/key-gen and they can tell the key-gen to give them a legitimate code (which they bought at a shop) after a certain number of clicks. Never believe what you see on Youtube without questioning it. There are so many scams on-line and many of them are believable. Unfortunately, Microsoft has NOT left any bugs or glitches to enable free points. Otherwise it would be all over the appropriate forums and no-one will be saying this is a scam.


A quick scam is when people ask you to send your legitimately purchased MS point code to an e-mail (like "" or "") in a specifically formatted e-mail in order to receive 3/4 codes of the same worth back. I believe that Microsoft DO have a way of rewarding employees but I doubt it is with a way which is so easily exploitable.

All it takes is someone to spent 15 minutes to make a video and e-mail address and wait for people to send the codes. Remember that all it takes is one person to send one code and the e-mail creator has won. They have managed to get points for doing nothing.

Referral Sites

Finally! Something that actually works!

This is a legitimate way of earning money, which can then be spent on MS Points. If you clicked on this thinking I was going to just give you my referral link, you are wrong. I am here to help make you make the right decision in which site to sign up to, what is the best way of earning and why it works.

Unfortunately many people make Youtube accounts and just tell you to sign up to a site to get free MS Points. Nothing could be farther from the truth unfortunately. You still need to do a little work before you can get these points. Mainly this involves referring people and doing an offer.

The way these websites work is simple. Advertising revenue from the offer is given to the company (such as or freebiejeebies) and the internet company then use some of these proceeds to provide you with incentives. There are many other websites out there stating how these websites work and there is a forum dedicated on helping you to get referrals Exceem Forum.

After all the above scams it is this legitimate way of earning money to spend on points which leaves most people unconvinced. Why? Because it sounds too good to be true. Either that or the Youtube video creators haven't explained it properly.

There are many referral sites on the net and unfortunately some of them are scams. Asking you to do offers, complete surveys and then they keep all the advertising revenue. So before you sign up to one of these referral sites, always search on Google for some background information, such as how long it takes to pay-out and if there are any free offers you can complete.

Sites with a "" offer are usually the best. Reason being that this one pays high in advertising revenue and you only need your debit card in order to use the offer. Nothing gets deducted from your account, just order one film and send it back then cancel your account BEFORE 14 days expire. This is 2 weeks, so it is a long time, but just do-not forget about it.

This is not a quick way of getting MS Points, but it is the only legitimate way (short of going out and buying them) on the internet. If you are still skeptical, feel free to read reviews such as:
Review Centre
Squidoo Review

I will happily answer any questions you might have regarding the MS point generators, the scams or referral sites. Just send me a message on here.

I will leave two links for a referral site down here. I will leave one link where it is my personal referral link (in case you would like to thank me for writing this article, you will not lose anything for signing up using this link) and the homepage where you can sign up as a brand new customer who has just located the site.

My referral Link: Thanks for writing this

Referral Site Homepage: I'm not using your link. You're a scammer like everyone else

Remember you MUST complete an offer (lovefilm is usually the best) before you can refer anyone. You only need 2 referrals for 40 quid in amazon vouchers. I'm sure you'll agree that's a great price.


It is impossible to get MS Points for nothing on the internet. Remember the following...

- Many key-gens contain ad-ware and spy-ware
- All MS point cards need to be authorized by the seller
- Microsoft would not make their employee bonus that exploitable
- Research the key-gens creator in Google. If it is legitimate it should be on a scene website.
- Why would someone create a working key-gen then share it with everyone in fear of it getting fixed by MS?
- Referral links are not a scam, but they're not the quick way to get points as some people state.
- If you need the points that badly, go ahead and buy them. There is no easy way around it.

If you have any questions or issues on this article, just message me, I will be happy to answer any questions.


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