Frugality as a Way of Life

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Frugal living doesn't need to be drudgery. You can practice frugal living one small step at a time.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Frugal

When people think of being frugal, sometimes  it conjures up images of scantily clad, worn out women, slaving over a wood cook stove, cooking every meal from scratch for their families. They think of huge gardens, gallons of home processed produce, and suffering through hours of endless chores. 

Living frugally, need not be dreary and cumbersome. It can be downright fun!  The fact that you are reading this article, indicates that you are interested in frugality. Maybe you already know this, but for those who don't, being frugal boils down to three things: Spending money wisely, spending time wisely, and using wisely. In other words, there are three things most people do that is unwise: waste money, possessions, and time. Possessions meaning food, tools, equipment, utilities, etc. 

Frugal living is not just popular. It's essential, even for families wh seem to have and make enough money to buy and live like they desire. You see, being frugal also goes hand in hand with being more environmentally friendly. Here are a few examples of not spending less, but using less.  Instead of throwing the plastic margarine tub away, wash it and put leftovers in it. Save your hopeless sneakers to wear when mowing the lawn. Save the stickers and pretty pictures that come with the junk mail for future art projects. Each family's way of being frugal doesn't need to be the same. 

Sonetimes, one small step can lead to another, which leads to another, and so on. Soon, they will start to add up, and you will start to notice it in your pocketbook, and in your everyday routine. Frugality will become a habit, and before you know it, you will be searching for new ways to practice your new hobby. Soon, you will be doing it for the sport of it! 

Living frugally is not something that just happens overnight. It takes time for your skills and methods to develop. Here's encouragement on your journey to greater frugality! Your time will be well rewarded. 


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author avatar Val Mills
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Nice article. Many of us waste far too much. frugality is becoming more popular as well as more necessary.

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author avatar Karman's Kreations
14th Apr 2012 (#)

We are learning to live frugally and interesting enough the more we practice it the easier it becomes. Great Article.

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author avatar Suzie
15th Apr 2012 (#)

This is so true , This is how I see it also as fun! Great write up!

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author avatar rarity
17th Apr 2012 (#)

I know that I have to learn to live frugally. I am not rich, in fact I'm on the other side, but when I get hold of some money, I have the tendency to spend it very fast. Thanks for the article.

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