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An evaluation of the effectiveness of using paid to click sites to make money online.


How many of us out there are in the position where we need to get paid today. Not tomorrow, not at the end of the week but today. The current financial mood is a crippling disease to most families and it dose not matter who's fault it is - we are now all in the same boat. More and more of us are looking for avenues to gain extra pay and the internet can be an effective tool. Unfortunately, the web is quite a unsafe place to dabble with earning if you have limited knowledge of it. There are many scams out there and offers that are to good to be true and often are.

What are Paid to Click sites?

So how do you bring in cash online in a safe manner? My personal journey started off with being ripped off twice but I was lucky in that I did not lose more than ten dollars on either occasion. I finally came across a scheme of websites called 'Paid to Click' ( PTC ) sites. These were the basis and start of my vocation of working online.

So what are paid to click sites? A PTC site will pay you for screening it's customers adverts or websites. You are usually paid one cent for each site you visit but this varies from site to site. You have to view the site for a certain measure of time before you are credited. The measure of time also varies from site to site but is usually set around the thirty second mark.

How to use them

Paid to click sites usually have referral systems set up within themselves which if used right can bring in you extra cash on a daily basis. Referrals are basically new members that have signed up to the site that you can own and by doing so can bring in a quarter of what they bring in every day. There are two types of referral - Direct referral and Rented ( or temporary ) referral. Direct referrals are gained by promoting the said site and earning it new members - these referrals are yours for as long as the members stay members. Rented referrals are bought by you and usually last about a month ( or 30 days ). After the month is up you have the option of renting the referrals again and then rinse and repeat at the end of every following month.

Paid to click sites are a fun and relaxed way to bring in money online. My advice would be to find a list of trusted sites and join a few of them. You won't get rich but you will make money.

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10th Aug 2011 (#)

First, sign up on INCRASEBUX. They have almost a half million users and paid over $2 million dollars. This site is my primary site for referrals who click, and they pay instantly.
In one month I have over 700 referrals and earn $100 a week. The best is yet to come.

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