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Ever thought about writing a book of your own? Think you have got what it takes? why not try writing for StoryMash first. Work with other great writers and develop your skills, writing chapters for fiction stories.


Think your good enough to write a book, find out at SoryMash. It is pretty easy to earn some money online by writing, there are plenty of options and plenty of websites which offer you the chance to earn some cash by writing. Most of these sites either offer you the chance to earn some cash by writing reviews or articles. Many people who write on these sites might also write books, or may wish to write books in the future. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a story teller, then StoryMash might just be a site for you. At StoryMash you will be paid to write chapters, to fictions stories. You have the choice to either start a new story and write the first chapter, which other StoryMash writers will then carry on, or you can either continue you own, or you can continue a story other writers have already started, by adding a chapter of your own. While paying you for your story chapters, StoryMash also offer there writers constructive criticism on there fiction writing, which is very handy for aspiring fiction writers, who are still learning the ropes. It is also a good way for beginners to rub shoulders with veteran writers, and benefit from there experience.

The basics

When your writing for cash with StoryMash you can write short fiction, novels and screen plays. The basis of your writing with StoryMash will be chapters, and once you write a chapter and you happy with it, you can then publish it, on the StoryMash website. StoryMash is also a great place to interact with other writers, and readers alike. They have a discussion forum, which promotes member interaction. If your the type of person who has creative urges, then StroryMash is a great place to satisfy them. Any time you feel the urge, just add a chapter, publish it, and earn royalties as well.

How StoryMash pays

Something I really like about StoryMash, is that you don't need to be with Google Adsense to take part, a Paypal account will be all you need. StoryMash will pay you 50 percent of the revenue, your chapters bring to the website, so the more popular, and the more read, your chapter is, the more money you will earn. As well as revenue sharing, there are also creative writing contests, which allow you the chance to win large cash prizes. Once you reach $2, you can ask for your money to be placed into your Paypal account.


StoryMash is a great place for fiction writers to collaborate in writing stories and earn money. You can reply to other members commenting on your work, and promote your chapters and stories through blogs, and article writing sites, like here at Wikinut. You can also promote your fiction, on your social media sites, increasing the traffic, and earning more money from your chapters. So this is a great place to get creative and earn some money, with a low payment threshold, and easy Paypal payments, on the 20th of each month, this is a site I can highly recommend for writers of all grades.

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