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If you enjoy writing, have you considered getting paid to write? It's actually easier than you think to turn your words into cash, so if you are interested read on.

Earn money by writing online

Most people would assume that only professional authors can get published and earn royalties for their writing. And they may also think that they'd need to write an entire novel to have any chance of anybody accepting your work.

In the past, that was true. But now, Wikinut offers you a way to turn your writing into ongoing earnings. You can write about any topic, and we'll pay you a 50% share of any advertising revenue as lifetime royalties. So a page written today could still be earning you cash in a year.

Register today and join our Wikinut community of writers.

Do I need to be an experienced writer?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. And here are three reasons why:

  1. Our readers prefer authors they can engage with. For many topics, this means they are looking for people who have similar thoughts and experiences. If you therefore write about subjects that interest you, you'll relate to your readers better than a professional writer who has had to research the subject.
  2. A good Wikinut page can be just 500 words. You don't have to write a long essay. In fact, you're better to write lots of shorter pages over a period of time.
  3. We'll give you feedback to help improve. Each page you submit is reviewed by an experience moderator, who will give you tips and feedback. Plus you'll get reader comments, and clear traffic statistics to show which of your pages your readers prefer.

Join Wikinut and write your first page today.

What can I write about?

Wikinut has categories for nearly every type of content imaginable, so you're only really limited by your imagination. You can write about your experiences of travelling, or reviews of products you've bought. Or maybe you could write a guide about DIY or cooking or craft work. How about a help page on tax, or personal finance?

We understand it can be tricky thinking of ideas, so check out our suggestions for subject matter.

At Wikinut we firmly believe that everybody has experiences to tell, and knowledge to share. And we also think that you should share in the proceeds of your work.

So join Wikinut today and start earning.


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author avatar Chief Nut
Overly excited co-founder, keen to share the buzz so please get Wikinutting and give us some feedback! I'll be writing about new features as we add them to the site, and a few other topics as well.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
5th Mar 2011 (#)

Very very important point to remember is this sentence according to me: "So a page written today could still be earning you cash in a year"

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author avatar P.D. Padmasiri
11th Sep 2011 (#)

Chief Nut, May I know whether Wikinutters are paid once in a two months or monthly. As my payment is not made still despite the clause "Wikinutters are paid on or before 10th the month" I do not appear to have had any clue of such a thing being today the 11th September, 2011. I love writing to Wikinut continuously but I have to get this problem clarified regarding payment. My previous reminders are also not taken note of or nor have I got any message on this matter. Thank you so much if I am enlightened with your kind advice. Best regards

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author avatar Michelle McMurray de Luces
27th Sep 2011 (#)

My content has been infringed upon by one of your Wikinut members. I have contacted various people working at Wikinut over the past 9 days and have heard nothing. Not only did said user steal my content, but several other writers' content all from Yahoo!
I'm just curious how someone in the U.S. should deal with this as the email means receives no results and sending a letter to the UK will probably be even less likely to see results and action taken...

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
18th Dec 2011 (#)

Hello, Dear Chief Nut!
You're the Wikinut Author of the Day!

Waiting to see new pages from you.


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author avatar Karman's Kreations
7th May 2012 (#)

I have seen my earning drop, not that people are not reading. One visit they say one thing and the next they say another. I have sent personal messages and have not been contacted with an answer. I am concerned, it is not much but being that I have "earned" the amounts by writing I feel I should be paid. Thank You for your attention to this matter.

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author avatar chinex
29th Dec 2012 (#)

Am a writer in dis site, I have passion to write, I stop becos no money had been paid into my account, may be becos am a nigerian, am not based in England, and Nigerian don't have access to paypal account

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author avatar chinex
29th Dec 2012 (#)

I want u to help me look into dis payment matter, I have more to offer to Wikinut

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author avatar Sky Rose
18th Dec 2016 (#)

Cool good to know.

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