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The internet opened up a whole world of earning opportunities, and now with the massive success of mobile devices and tablets we have more. Now in the form of apps we have even more ways to earn money. Read on if you wish to find out a little bit more.


Thanks to the internet we now have loads of great ways to earn money at home. We have massive online earning industries, and just about anyone can give them ago. Whether it be crowdsourcing, market research or simply buying and selling the opportunities are now there. And for a long time I was doing these things all on my laptop, until I realised just how many opportunities were out their to earn using my tablet smartphones would work to.

What can I do with my tablet or phone?

Surprisingly a lot and whether your out to get money from ad revenue or market research you can do it with your tablet. Only the jobs will be a little bit different than most are used to doing on a laptop. One thing you will find plentiful, are apps which allow you to earn watching advertisements. Although there are plenty around, not all of them are great. But for sure AppTrailers and Viggle are both sites worth looking at, as you can have fun and earn well with them.

People who love earning using market research on their laptops, will be very familiar with paid surveys. Now I can't talk for all devices, but I can't take surveys on my tablet. But that doesn't mean I can use it for market research. Instead of paid surveys I can do a host of other market research tasks with my tablet, and get paid. These tasks include taking a photo of a product in a shop, answering quick polls or writing down the price of a product from a shop nearby. These jobs often pay well, two to five pounds a job. The hardest part is catching the jobs before they are no longer available.

I have been making money out of reward sites and gpt sites on my laptop for years, and now I can do it on my tablet. There are a load of apps like this around, and they reward you for doing tasks. They usually have one or two advertisements for you to watch, but mostly you can earn downloading and trying out apps. They may be game apps or just normal apps but you will be paid for downloading and trying them. The pay is pretty good to, not as high as the market research tasks but way more than watching ads.

Creating content

If there is no laptop to use and your down to a tablet then don't worry, you can still earn doing all the things already written about. On top of that, you can create content and earn even more. I have found that most of the revenue share, content creating sites can be used on your tablet. Sites like Wikinut, Writedge and Infobarrel are all great sites easily done with your tablet.

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A good info for the novice and yes those folks and young generations who simply thnk, this modern gadgets are just for some fun... I wrote a top 30 writing sites by the way and their global rankings.

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great, thanks for the comment

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