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There are many paid writing sites out there for you to join, the only problem is that many of them are just not good earners. Read this article and find out if the paid to write site, Daily Two Cents is a site worth taking part in.

Daily Two Cents review

I love earning cash online, so I am always looking for way's to start earning some cash on the internet. One of my favorite way's to do this, is writing, so I always have my eye out for any good paid writing sites that I am yet to try. The revenue share and writing world has gone through some dramatic changes in the not so distant past. Mostly due to one certain site bullying the rest, and taking the revenue off there plates, yes I am talking about Bubblews, many may disagree but I have personally earned more with this site, than all the others I have used combined.

But Bubblews is not the site I am going to be writing about today, instead I am going to write about another paid writing site that I have recently joined, and that is Daily Two Cents. This site is some how connected to the writing site Writedge, I think they are both sites owned by the same company. The most fascinating thing about both of these websites, is how unknown they were not to long ago, but these two sites have some how blown up online. Just a few dedicated writers believed in these sites from the start, and with there help these sites are slowly turning in to brilliant write at home opportunities, it has be stated that they are the new alternatives for sites such as Hubpages.

I have not joined Writedge, but I have Joined Daily Two Cents, and I must say that so far, I have been extremely impressed with the site. For starters it is free to join, as any site like this should be, and once signing up and verifying your email address, you can begin to start earning cash. When starting out I was just hoping that this site didn't end up like Teckler, where you do a load of work expecting a good return, only to be majorly disappointed. Well Daily Two Cents write from the start was more professional than Teckler, here the first three articles that you write, have to be checked by a moderator, once you have completed three good articles, which the site deems fit for publication, you will be free to publish at will.

I have now wrote my three articles over there and had them all published, so far after just a couple of days they have earned me 37 cents, not much yet but at this rate when I have written 100 articles for them, I could well be pulling in a little money. One of the great things about Daily Two Cents, is that they offer quick and easy payments through Paypal, it's easy, you write and when you have earned $5 you get paid, nothing to connect to and nothing to set up, just easy payments through Paypal.

Another great thing about this site is this is not all they offer when it comes to earning potential, no, they also offer you the chance to connect your Amazon Affiliate account with your Daily Two Cents account, and you can start selling products right off your articles earning commission on products you help to sell. The only problem I have found with this site so far, is that the website itself is a little slow, taking a little longer than usual for you to navigate around the site, but this is not really a problem at all, well not for me anyway. So if you are someone who is looking for new, good writing sites to get paid from, get over to Daily Two Cents today, you never know it could be just what you are looking for.

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24th Aug 2014 (#)

Nice informative post

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author avatar David LeFever
24th Aug 2014 (#)

I have joined Writer's Edge but I have had trouble with the format. I find the Wikinut system much easier to navigate.

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