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This article is a review of the website it will give you detail's of the site, and let you no if this is a place you can earn money or if it is just a waste of your time. is a website which offer's you the chance to win rewards and prizes, in return for taking surveys. has it's own tagline which is 'the place it pays to speak your mind'. It is a little different to the majority of other paid survey sites available online, in that you do not actually get paid anything up front, for the surveys which you take. For every survey that you do take, instead of a up front payment, you will be placed into a prize draw. You will have the chance to win prizes from ipoints, as is linked up to the ipoints reward system.

This site is simple and easy to register with, and it will be a simple tasks of filling in your details and confirming your email. All the surveys send you, will be sent directly to the email address you signed up with, so you must check your email on a regular basis. When starting out with this site they will want some details, such as age, name and things along this nature. As well as this, they will want to know exactly what your likes and interest's are. Some people do not like giving out this level of personal information, but they will need to know, so they can send you the appropriate surveys.

The surveys with are really quick and easy to do, so it is not a very demanding site on your time and energy. The surveys are usually on a range of different thing's, from stores on and offline, brand's, companies and advertising. At you do have the chance to take part in some focus groups, this will take a load of your time up, but can earn you some money. As you are not paid up front, there is a chance that you will not be paid at all with this site, for the surveys you take. This is unlikely though, if you take many surveys, because they do give out lot's of prizes.

They mostly give out £5 Amazon vouchers, which you are sure to get sooner or later, and they do give out some bigger rewards as well. Well, is it worth it? The truth is probably not for most people. I mean if you are doing a load of surveys each day anyway, then why not, there quick and simple and you just might get a few prizes out of it. But I am pretty much certain people looking fom one or two good survey sites should probably look elsewhere. boasts of having over 200,000 members and user's. The site can only be used by people from the UK, USA and Canada.

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