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Posted in Wikinut>Money>Making Money can be a little overwhelming at first glance. But with a little time, you can easily make between $4-5 a day with little effort. I’ll list the easiest ways to earn points at the site as well as some general tips to keep in mind. Things that take a bit more time and effort will be listed toward the bottom of the list.


General Tips
-It is VERY important to use your real info. Using fake info can not only stop you from redeeming gift cards, but can also get you banned. If you don’t want to give out your home phone or address, then just avoid offers that ask for it. It’s better than risking all your earnings.
-Watch the offer ticker on the bottom right of the page. Those are offers members have recently completed and got credited points. Try doing some of those if your not sure where to start.
-Start with small goals. Try to form a routine for yourself first. You want to get into the rhythm of things and not overwhelm yourself. Do one wall a day to get a feel of the things offered to you. Then create a routine fit for you.
-Turn off any AdBlock you have installed. Most offer walls will not load if you don’t for one. And some offers won’t load if it’s turned on.
-Make sure you Flash/Java installed. Some offers, like videos, need it to load.
The Live Sample surveys are by far the easiest to complete. You can take Live Sample I and II once every 24 hours and they will net you 210 points ($2.10).
Give Us Your 2 Cents is the second most completed of the surveys. Getting one to qualify takes a bit more time sometimes but it will get you an easy 85 points. ($0.85)
Response Cast and Dumpee Dailies are the last 2 of the main surveys I do, mainly because they are a bit harder to get into. Sometimes you can get one quick, other times it may take 10 mins or so to try one. Each one will net you 70-75 points ($0.70-0.75) apiece.
Other Surveys to Consider
Peanut Labs: Range from 10-200($0.10-2.00) points a piece. Is random for everyone.
Payment Wall: Range from 20-200 ($0.20-2.00) points a piece. Has new surveys to try every week or so.
Email Submits
TIP: Before completing any of these, I would make an email at outlook. They allow you to make up to 10 aliases per account and each alias counts as a different email. It’s important to use different emails after a few offers to ensure they credit the points.
Going to the main wall (InstaGC), you can sort the offer by Email and Submits-Email. These are usually the easiest offers to complete since they either require you to enter a valid email address and confirm the link they send you.
These offers can typically award you between 10-60 ($0.10-0.60) points.
These types of offers only require you to click on the link leading to the site. Sort the InstaGC wall to CPC to see available ones and you will get 1 point from every one. These reset at midnight EST so it’s advised to do these around that time.
This wall mostly requires you to watch short videos or to visit sites. It awards you 1 point for every site/video but they do run out pretty quick. The sites/videos reset at midnight EST so I would try to do them then.
CrowdFlower is a program that designs tasks for you to complete for a wide range of points. It will require you to make an account with them but it’s worth some time to try out.
Each task differs. Some require you to search for a specific phrase in google or bing and you need to fill out the questions it asks on each tasks. The 7-8 point tasks are the easiest to complete for quick points and add up over time.
There is an accuracy and level system on CrowdFlower as well. If your accuracy is high (Around (90% I believe) and you have completed over 100 tasks and jobs, you can level up to levels 1-3, whcih allow you to do tasks that will earn you higher point values. However, sometimes the level system can be a bit wonky and reward your levels when you met the requirements. You might need to contact support if you want to get into it and have problems.
TIP: You MUST download a program called SandBoxie if you want to try any downloads so you don’t mess your computer up. This program isolated any downloads you put into it so it doesn’t stay on your computer and make permanent changes. You can discard anything in the SandBox after you complete downloads and earn points. The program will remove all traces of it.
The link above better outlines how SandBoxie works.
If you are wanting to try any downloads, I would advise only downloading things from the walls below. They are only ones I’ve had successful completions.
AdWork Media
Peanut Labs
Completing trials will require to submit either your Credit Card or Debit Card information. Most have trials that last anywhere between 7 days to a month. You do not have to purchase subscription (unless stated in the reqs) and will reward anywhere between 100-1,000 points. ($1.00-10.00)
It’s important to keep in mind that any points rewarded from trials will be ‘frozen’. This means they will be inside a blue square beside your current total of points for a period between 7-14 days. The points will be unfrozen after this time has passed and will be added to your total so you can spend them.
Referring someone to the site will reward you 10 points after they complete one offer. You will also earn 10% of the points they earn in each offer. The more active referrals you have, the more points you can earn in the long run.
Booster Codes: These codes appear randomly in the chat and require to enter a code in the code box. You have to be fast to earn a small sum of points.
Contests: There are different contests for things in the site. Being in the top 3-5 places will reward you a hefty amount of points. They are usually split into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly drawings.
Search the Web: This is pretty self explanatory. You can set the Instagc as your default search engine. Then just search as you need to throughout the day. You have a chance to earn a small amount of points every time you search something.

That basically covers the basics of the site. If you ever want to try some other offers, I would try out the walls I will list below in just a moment. I usually get the most points from them. I would always sort the walls by either Most Popular or the Newest. The offers in these categories will more than likely earn you points than older ones.
-Offer Toro
-Peanut Labs
-Payment Wall (This one has bonus rewards based on how many points you earn. They get pretty big as you go on.)
-Trial Pay
-Wall Ads
-Radium One
TIP: Also, clear your cache and cookies before and after each offer you complete. This helps offers actually go through. Also make sure you enable 3rd party cookie tracking. Doing this will make sure offers can confirm you actually completed the requirements.
Redeeming Your Points
As of recently, Instagc has added more ways to redeem your points than just gift cards.
–Direct Deposit: You can now add your points directly into your bank account. I would save all the points until the end of the month, then redeem them so you don’t have to pay a 15 point fee for another time. This process usually takes about 1-4 business days to go through.
-Checks: Same with Direct Deposit, you can send yourself a check with the money. Your first monthly check is free so I would, again, wait to redeem it so you don’t pay that 25 point fee. This usually takes between 5-10 business days to go through.
-PayPal: You can also now send money directly to your PayPal. The monthly fee applies to this as well, except for your first request. The first process to send money takes between 1-7 business days. After that, it’s added instantly. Unless it’s a request over $25. Then that will take an additional 1-2 business days to process.
-Donate: You can also donate to a charity of your choice if that’s an option you want to look into. There is a huge list under the donate button on the site. At the end of each month, instagc donates any points they received and sends them off to the organizations. This is a great way to help out people if you can’t donate with a debit/credit card or anything.


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