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A very useful article for those who were get banned by google adsense. Take a look and enjoy the new life of blogging.

Didi you get banned?

Did you get banned by Google adsense? if yes then do not be worry because you are not the one there are a tons of bloggers who are getting banned by Adsense every other day because of no reasons. All over the internet you would find the complains by bloggers of why their account gone disabled without any specific reason furthermore which makes them more upset when they lost their money and hard work which they had put. May be you will be surprised that many experience and professional bloggers accounts was disabled suddenly I mean to say is that with beginners, professionals are also facing this tragedy. According to Adsense they have the right to disable your account without telling you the exact reason so you need to be ready for this sudden incident.

A new life of blogging

If you were the ones whose account was disabled then do not be upset I am here to help you and fortunately you have new life so look forward.

The benefits of using the adsense alternatives:
1: Your account won't be disabled without any strong reason.
2: The approvement of your application is very easy as compare to adsense.
3: The threshold is less as compare to adsense.
4: Whether you are a pro or amteur blogger you have the 100% chance to be approved.


Buysellads is little bit different from other advertisement network. If you haven't been a part of any advertising network and you have the space where you can publish the ads then buysellads is a good option for you. Basically you have to offer a particular space of your site, however it relies on upon you where you need. The minimum threshold is $50 if you reached this amount you can request your payment.


Clicksor allows you to add popup, contextual and text ads on your blog. Clicksor is very famous and is serving a large amount of pros and beginner blogger so you don't need to be panic about their performance. The minimum threshold is $50 which can be paid to you through PayPal.


Give a try and then see what will happen

Kontera is an advertising network and the types of ads is text based. Kontera is serving more than 450 million pages. They will publish their ads to blogs content which based on keyword for example if you have written a content about Samsung then they will show ads which is related to tech or Samsung. If you are using AdSense you can use Kontera also. The minimum threshold is $50 which they pay you through PayPal and Check.


Second best advertising network

Chitka is an advertising network of Yahoo and it is very similar to AdSense as you can customize your ads. Chitka is used by thousands of bloggers and chitka ads is a text, popups and contextual so you have the option. The minimum threshold is $10 which is very good for beginners and they pay via PayPal and check.

Yahoo Bing Network

Just like the name the two companies bring it one Yahoo and Bing started a advertising network. This advertising network is currently open for US, Canada and UK which is little bit disappointing for most of bloggers, but if you have a great traffic from US, UK Canada then you have the chance to be approve. Yahoo Bing Network is not for beginner because they are approving a blogs which have a monthly of thousands views which is not possible for beginners.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is not a big name in the race of advertising networks, however it's big name because of his performance and stability. If you have a good amount of traffic then surely it is for you if not then please don't even apply because they are very strict and they are accepting the high traffic blogs. The minimum threshold is $100 which will be paid by Wire or PayPal.

Media Net

Yahoo Bing Network brother is very professional in their work and is one of the most pro advertising network. Actually it is backed by Yahoo Bing Network so before applying must read the requirement because somewhere I have heard that the approval is very difficult unless you have a good amount of traffic and a pro blog. And your major traffic source should be US, Canada, and Uk. One more important thing that free hosted blogs are not allowed to apply.


The first good thing about BidVertiser is will be paid by PPC and if the click converts to conversion you will get an extra. How good it is that you can also customize you ad layout and to select those which suites your blog or website. Whenever you reached $10 you can request your payment, you have two options PayPal and Check. PayPal members can be paid when they reached $10 and the check members should wait for $100.


I should say truth that Skimlinks is not for newbies well sorry for that if I will said it's for anyone then it will not be an honesty to my readers. However many of you are pro bloggers and this is for you to jump and convert the time into cash.

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author avatar M G Singh
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice info

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Oct 2013 (#)

veryinformative and I too have had dealings with them ..not so good....

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author avatar vpaulose
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Great info. Thank you.

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author avatar MMD
16th Oct 2013 (#)

@Madan G Singh Thank you.

@Carolina Adsense is a pain.

@Vpaulose Thanks sir it's my pleasure that you liked.

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author avatar Fahad Amjad
20th Oct 2013 (#)

I have too but how can i pay

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author avatar Rose*
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

I've tried Chitika but their amount per click was extremely low

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author avatar Sam
4th Dec 2013 (#)

chitika rates are low maybe try adflu

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author avatar Retired
21st Dec 2013 (#)

I have tried chitika but it's poor and now am on XML affiliate and seems to be making good money on to try for free

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