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A lot of sites claim to share the Google Adsense revenue. What does this mean?

What Are Google Adsense Rev-share Sites?

Google adsense the most common type of pay per click advertising, because its so easy to use. I personally find it one of the best advertisers out there, and recommend it highly. You get paid either through check or wire transfer once you make $100 USD of off clicks on your ads. Each click is valued differently, as certain ads pay more than others. Ads will match your site content, but your site must comply with the Adsense Terms Of Service.

Some sites offer to share revenue generate by Adsense ads that they attach to your content. Now, what makes this a good deal for you? Because, after all, they have to take some of the revenue, don't they? Well, most of these sites have a lot of traffic and a good search engine rank, so that you get more views, which equals more money. But is it really worth doing this?

After using these sites for quite some time, and then trying to post my content on my own blog and promoting it, I found that I made just a little bit more (three and a half dollars) using my blog. Really, in the whole scheme of things, that isn't much, but considering that I got very little traffic using either methods speaks for itself. If I had gotten a lot of views, my earnings could have stretched out into a lot more than a three dollar fifty cent difference.

My advice on Adsense revenue sharing? Stick with your own blog.


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author avatar clickmarbin
14th Jun 2010 (#)

i joined some ad rev share, coz my blog not producing good clicks in adsense. i think its still best for people who is focus more on writing than marketing as mostly ad rev sites already has a good page rank. what do you think?

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author avatar Rhonda Humphreys
11th Sep 2012 (#)

Great information. Thank you

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author avatar Chris
17th Feb 2013 (#)

We do a 50% AdSense adshare with writers over at News For Shoppers.

Details are at:

There are a number of other benefits as well. The author correctly points out here that you can benefit with your own blog to - and one of the things we do is support that with a link in your bio back to your blog (if you have one). But that's not the only thing. If you are a talented writer, come check us out :)

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author avatar Lee Hansen
6th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks for giving me some clarity on how this works.

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