Have You Been Scammed Again? It is a Scam or is it You?

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When you take away all the unrealistic expectations offered by the hype online, we find that too many newbies give up on a program and call it a scam, instead of learning how to treat it like a business. Learning how to do business online requires an understanding of what is a scam, controlling your emotions, and learning that business is business, whether online or offline. Prepare yourself!

All Too Often We Cry Scam, when in fact It May Just Be Us!

So is it a scam or is it you?
Sites like Web of Trust (WOT) , Google, Yahoo, even Facebook, Twitter, etc. all make it too easy for us to post a false claim of a scam or spam when a site is not performing to our expectations. Posts in blogs, email, social networks, articles, reviews all give us an opportunity to vent our frustrations. When warned, check the source of the complaint, it may just be a false claim of spam or a scam by an unsatisfied customer or member.

It is hard to offset the negative claims, whether false or not. WOT aggravates me when sites that are and have been performing well are continually noted with the “WOT Warning This site has a poor reputation”. Seem to clearly demonstrate that old adage that negative news goes farther and than the positives. (it is too bad that WOT does give us the ability to selectively shut off its warning for sties that we already know)

While most of us will not tell friends or family if we have been scammed, others of us will blame others or the program for our mistakes or lack of action. Even legitimate claims via blogs, can be pulled as WordPress will shut down a free blog site without explanation due to a complaint from someone.

Keep in mind, that overnight success is seldom achieved by most of us. However, we simply cannot blame others or a program for our failures online. Do your own due diligence, consider the source a complaint and/or praise for a program. Also, keep in mind, that all matters online; be they endorsements, testimonials, proof of payment, etc. can be falsified.

False claims of a scam is bad business. All too often we simply write of a program as a scam when in fact is may be a winner for others. Other than the legal implications for our actions, before we label a program a scam, let’s get some facts, the who, what, when, where of a scam…

A quote from a friend “1) One man’s scam is another man’s bonanza and by this I mean that many people on the net write to me about scams (as they call them) but in 99% of the cases, they have not learned their craft and cannot market them or have not taken the time to learn how to use the tool they have purchased. And while there certainly are scams out there I am thinking that it might be a better route to take to review sites in the form of articles and present them as an opinion or an overview of a site and if you feel strongly that they are a scam then give them a rating system so that people could read reviews of a site just like they do any product like at Amazon or groupon or something like that.”
Jane Mark, Sokule, Inc

Our ISA Groups Definition of a Scam/Fraud
The Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups expect online businesses to do business as a business. If they are not accessible or their support systems are lacking, then they are not doing business! They are either very poor businessmen or are just scamming us. The following guidelines help provide a basis for our (ISA) interpretation of a Scam
1. A Scam That Plays On Your Emotions to Participate As It Offers To Satisfy One of Your Needs
Your need for immediate cash flow, more money, increase retirement, work at home, and you have failed at everything else, but… It creates an obviously unrealistic expectation that if it were not for the emotion tug to satisfy something, you would normally pass and save your money.
2. Lack of Delivery Scam
The site does not work, leads and links promised are not provided, and automated systems do not provided the stated results. Payouts are not received within the stated time-frames. The site is often off-line for non-payment of hosting, or whatever.
3. Lack of a Responsive Support System
Support systems, forums and telephone numbers that do not respond to your technical or other questions; means it probably just a valueless front.
4. Lack of Communications and Accessibility
Other than support, if it is hiding its identity on whois.com, and related sites, then it may be assumed that the owners have something to hide. Businesses have channels of communication, support or help desks, forums, and responsive email.
5. Scammers are Spammers Too
Are you continually bombarded with emails from the same person or others with the same emails titles?
6. Are Training, Tools and Resources Provided for Our Success?
As an affiliate, we expect that the company will help train us, or at least provide us with the training, tools and resources so that we can help ourselves. If they are not a scam, then why not provide for the success of the affiliate?
7. Finally, if not the first – a Scam often doe not make sense, it is illogical and it makes you pause or think twice
For more information on Scam, spam and doing business online Join on of our The Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups

Some final thoughts before your make your claim:
Have you read the terms and conditions, FAQ’s, are they subject to change without notice?
Have you taken advantage of the help and training offered by the site and is it relevant to today’s online marketing?
Have your followed the sites blueprint or strategy for success?

ALL TOO OFTEN, Our failure may be simply be our Approach to Marketing and/or our failure to to implement the Plan of Action or blueprint for a perfectly viable program.

Be honest with yourself and get some help before you find yourself making a false claim of a scam. Prepare yourself for online business. Making money online is real for those that treat it like a business

So Is it a Scam or Is It You?

Thanks for reading

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