Honesty Should be the Best Policy

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If we were asked if we would return a found item, we would all say yes, but the reality is apparently different

Honesty Should be the Best Policy

Like many other people, I was brought up to believe that if I found anything that didn’t belong to me, I should hand it in to the police. I am sure if many of us were asked this question in a national survey, we would vehemently deny the saying ” FINDERS KEEPERS.”

However, during a recent survey done by the card protection company, CPP, in which they left 20 wallets with £10 in them at cities around the UK, being London, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Cardiff, this was not the case.

Only 20% of the wallets were returned, and less than half of them had the £10 left in them. But is this surprising with so much poverty and unemployment at this time? It must be very hard for someone who is out of work with a family to feed, who then picks up a wallet with £10, to actually hand it over. We all know what we should do, and we all have values to try and live up to, but the reality is that , just like in olden times when people were imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread because they were starving, desperation sometimes causes people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do.

Of course £10 is not going to transform your life, but then maybe when our conscience rears its ugly head, we would excuse it by saying that the person wouldn’t really miss it anyway. Well let’s hope no-one drops a £50 note, or even worse their credit card, because that is when the real fraudsters get to work.


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author avatar smoothoperator
4th Sep 2010 (#)

Very thought provoking and interesting read. Hope the wrong doers are also reading this somewhere, sometime now. LOL.

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author avatar LOVERME
4th Sep 2010 (#)

i am glad u say should be and not

must be

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author avatar Denise O
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Very interesting, you would of thought more would of went on honesty, so sad.

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