How I survived and still surviving college life

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The article contains tips on how to save money if you're a college student. College students who find it hard to save and more or less keep spending it on the things which are or aren't worth spending.

Money saving tips for college students

Hello there! Many of us find it hard to save money especially if there are really things worth spending for or just to gain temporary satisfaction. This is somewhat true to those people who are already working, but how about those people who are just depending on other people to have money, like me.
I'm a college student now and I think I find it hard to save money especially if you have requirements here and there, photocopies, projects,etc. Moreover, you find it hard to spend to things that you like but you don't need, being careful what to have for a meal because you might won't be able to survive for a day, and checking it every now and then if you'll have a ride or just use your legs to walk.

Well,let me share you my story of how I did survive.

I'm a college student who studies far from my home which actually takes more than an hour ride going to school. So, my mother and I looked for a boarding house where I can stay for the weekdays. I don't have a part time job which means I depend on them. Basically, I get my allowance every Sunday, I should be happy and on the back of my mind I'm already starting to worry on how will I make it enough for a week. Lets start with I took a bus on Sunday afternoon and I got there. Dinner time and I need to eat, glad that I have packed a dinner from home.
Tip Number 1:
Have a packed meal from home. It will help you save money for food for a night. Aside from that, it really tastes good comparing it to the one's you will buy outside. Not only packing dinner meal but also stuffs that will help you survive the week, like shampoos and body soaps, detergents for laundry, toothpastes, canned goods, and instant noodles. If you don't have this at home, then join your parents when they'll do the grocery next time.
It's Monday I need to go to school. Fortunately, my boarding house is just a few blocks from our school. All I need to do is walk.
Tip Number 2:
Choose a boarding house near from your school, so that you won't worry about spending some money on transportation.
Another day again and another day to eat. I was saved by the packed dinner meal last night but today I really have to buy food.
Tip Number 3:
Eat to be full and satisfied. I do spend a lot when it comes to food but I also keep in mind to choose foods that are healthy and nutritious. But time will come that you won't have a budget for nutritious foods anymore and what you're going to eat are canned goods and instant noodles. I don't recommend to eat it everyday just to save money but do it on emergency purposes, when there's no share on food anymore.
Right now, I' happy to say that I did survive my first year in college life. I am hoping that I will continue to survive. And as I continue, I'll find more crazy ideas and fun stuffs to save money as a college student.


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One has to be practical to survive within our means - siva

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