How Much Do You Value the Fact that Every-Little-Thing Adds-Up?

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The big-picture is made-up of small details; and everyone of those details, do add-up. Do you (especially) tend to value those details, a lot more than others seem to do? Or - do you see that (perhaps - in your life), the great concern with the small-stuff is sometimes not worth all of the fuss?

Conservative Application Vs. Looser Values - Some people overlook a penny on the sidewalk; others don't go anywhere, without their coupon organizer.

Recycling: bottles, cans, newspapers, etc...

Going 'the green-way': using your own bags at the grocery store...

Going paper-less: viewing your bills online...

Coupons and rebates: being extra conscious of store deals...

Always, more is more: buying bulk items...

Everything may taste better on the second-day; not necessarily the third: Utilizing left-overs...

Sidewalk pennies: going the extra-bend...

Those are just some of the typical ways that we can ration and make a moderating difference in life - subtly; Those little steps can collectively (of course), make a remote, effective, and positive impact, on the broad big-picture.

Some people seem to be more detail-oriented, motivated, and inclined to taking those little steps, than others.

Do you think that people who do not regularly take those steps are leaning towards insensitive senselessness (if you will); or - do you believe that sometimes, people worry too much about the small-stuff?

Do you know someone who will discard a new sweater, if it gets a few big snags? Or - do you know someone who saves everything... for they may someday need it?

To waste; or - To obsess; Where is the line drawn?

Do you want to make a difference, but haven't got the time?

If you would like to take more conservative steps, but have not applied yourself, what has hindered you; and, what more do you think can be done to motivate, and promote those steps?

Kudos to you!

If you take those steps on a regular basis, then you probably do appreciate that every-little-thing does add-up, and you don't take those details as something to over-look, (reasonably speaking)... Of course.


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