How Much Is My Motorcycle Worth?

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Before selling your motorcycle, knowing the value of the bike is important. Obviously you want to get the most money possible for your motorcycle, and knowing these numbers ahead of time will make your life much easier.

The Brief

At the same time you want to make sure that you are always offering an honest and fair deal to potential buyers. Oftentimes there is a lot of competition, so a fair deal is a must if you want to get rid of your bike without a hassle. There is many ways for you to determine the worth of your motorcycle. You may want to use at least one of those methods to determine the value of your vehicle. Taking this step will give you greater confidence in the sale, and peace of mind knowing that you aren’t getting a bad deal.


Two of the most important factors that determine the worth of your motorcycle are the make and model of the bike. Harley Davidson is the leading U.S. manufacturer of motorcycles, and these bikes are usually worth far more than other brands.


Just as important is the year of the motorcycle. As expected, newer motorcycles generally bring more value, although an older, vintage or a customized bike changes it all. The year of your motorcycle is very important when determining its value.


The condition of the bike will also affect the worth. Obviously a new motorcycle will sell for much more than a used motorcycle, just as one with low mileage and lots of features will be more appealing to buyers. If your motorcycle is in good used condition, you’ll get a considerable amount more, so keep this in mind.


Have you added features and accessories to your bike? If so expect it to bring more money than a motorcycle that lacks such extras. Motorcycle enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny for some of those motorcycle additions, so if you have them on your bike, make sure that you know their worth. Do plenty of research to learn so you always get the fair deal that you are looking to find.

Place of Sale

A personal sale will yield more cash in your hand than a sale to a dealership or car lot. It might take longer to sell your vehicle personally, but the difference in price might very well be worth that extra time. There are also buyers who will purchase your motorcycle, always offering you a fair deal for what you have.


Some cities and states have higher prices than others, so your market area is another factor that untimely determines the amount that you’ll be able to sell your bike for. Larger cities and states usually result in better prices for vehicles since the market is much larger.

Tools for Determining Motorcycle Value

There are a few tools and resources available to help you better determine the worth of your motorcycle. By using these different resources you will feel most confident when it is time to make the sale of your motorcycle. It is very important to learn the value of your bike, so make sure that you do not shy away from using these resources. First resource is Kelly Blue Book.

Kelly Blue Book is available online for convenience, but actual books are also available for purchase. The books lists hundreds to thousands of makes and models of vehicles, so it is great for those who sale vehicles for a living. Kelly Blue Book has been around for many years, and is one of the most useful and most trusted tools for selling a vehicle around. Using the Kelly Blue Book tool will help you learn the value of your bike based on make, model, year and mileage. Prices for used and new bikes are included, as well as the trade-in value should you decide to take this alternative route. There is a cost associated with the use of Kelly Blue Book.

The Internet is always a helpful tool for whatever you are doing in today’s day and age. You can use the web to research what other people are selling their bikes for, as well as to learn other important information. The web is available 24 hours per day, and most of the information that is available is offered at no cost, so you never have to worry about spending a small fortune to learn the value of your motorcycle. One thought to ponder: when browsing the internet for information, make sure that you use only trusted, well-known sites. Not all sites out there will provide you with researched, accurate information, and you certainly do not want to make the mistake of using such a site for your information.

Having a valuation of your motorcycle is yet another excellent way to learn the value of your motorcycle. Generally a valuation can be offered at no cost to you, so if you like to save money this is a much better option than using Kelly Blue Book. A valuation is quick and easy, and gives you a better idea of the amount of money you’ll be able to pocket for your motorcycle.

Get what your Motorcycle is worth

As you can see from the information here, selling a motorcycle isn’t as simple of a process as many would assume. There are so many different factors that affect the amount of money you can sell your motorcycle for, as well as many different tools to help you determine that value. Knowing the value of your motorcycle will ensure that you get the best price for the bike, and also ensure that you are offering a good deal for the consumer so you can quickly get it out of your hair. The information above has been provided to help you quickly learn how much to expect when you sell your motorcycle, as well as factors that affect that amount. Put all of this information to good use and there is no question that you’ll find an incredibly awesome motorcycle deal.

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