How My Hair Was Saved From Being Cut and Sold and The Subsidiary Life Lesson

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Sort of mission impossible; an unemployed to start from zero, with all the expenses comprised by finding a home and paying a rent, as well as the the terminal year tuition fee for getting the University degree, in the demanding capital. I thought I will have to resort to drastic measures, to sell all my gold and cut my hair and sell it to the wig makers

It wasn't written for me to part with my hair

You must be too desperate to think to sell a kidney to achieve a dream, and not only desperate but with no respect for the Creator's masterpiece which is your body. I would never consider selling a kidney as this is incompatible to my faith, but my splendid long and healthy hair has been recently put on stake. If i decided to visit the hair stylist for a more fashionable look under the veil, I would have given it away anyway, so what's the big deal if I cut it and sell it? Thanks God my hair grows very fast and in no time I would have had it back. But it wasn't written for me to part with it. The Providence interfered first when instead of 100 or 200 Euros, as the market price goes, I found a house for only 50 Euros. Living with a cute old granny over 80's, is not that bad.

I will have to cope with her two cats, but this doesn't seem too difficult since I had my own gorgeous tomcat until two months ago. Well, mine was not trained to drink water from the jar on the sink, nor was he trained to feed himself on the same table that we, humans, eat, not to mention the fact that mine was trained to the sand-box while these two pussies weren't. So mark the first 50 Euros saving. Seeing my future more bright I went to sell and/or mortgage my gold believing that I will have to sell it all. But surprise, the price of gold went so high while I have been living abroad, that just selling only what was broken or straight forward bad omen, brought me 140 Euros in my pocket and left my 22 K gold filigran ring and bracelet on my finger and wrist, respectively. Next, all of the sudden, people who for ages turned the deaf ear to my desperate calls to pay me back what they owed me, remembered their debts and paid back 180 Euros.
My first installment was 350 Euros so here I am, with my long and covered hair safe and sound. In the process I got some more life lessons too. The room I live in was inhabited by a fascinating young lady who didn't pick up yet any of her things, so although I didn't have the opportunity to know her personally I know her very well through the things she left here; her perfumes, her plants, her huge library, her clothes, her perfumed candles and figurines, her knitting set and wool, so on. I learned first hand that this is the most appreciated type of woman, the type that my ex- husband didn't find in me so he had to search for it elsewhere. Things that weren't important a bit back then, now earned their importance and shouted out like a challenge, giving me a more busy schedule.


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author avatar ME
17th Oct 2012 (#)

Dear writer ,im not sure if the story about u or about some one else case its about you, let me say i will supply u with money u need but to not sell ur hair ( ucan cut it and burn it but not Sell) as a muslim Girl , we can sell part of our bodies (inclouded ahir, and i dont ask for any thing in return ......Allah bless you,

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author avatar boema6
19th Oct 2012 (#)

well...surprise, surprise! I have a Muslim reader, wow! Assalam alekom and thank you very much for reading and commenting. As for the money aspect, rest assured, I won't sell my hair and I won't accept money from you and from anybody else. In sha Allah I will manage. But thank you for your concern anyway. I shall try to delight you with good peaces of writing in return,

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author avatar ME
17th Oct 2012 (#)

We can't*

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