How To Budget Your Money

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Some tips on how to budget your spending to save money.

Always Make a List

Whenever you plan on going to buy groceries or even shopping for clothes and things, always make a list of the priority needs first. Like on this list I made, I wrote down the things we need in the house and after I get the ones I listed, I put a check or an "x" mark next to the item.
It helps you keep focus on what you need, not what you want. Because needs are different from wants, needs comes first. If you have extra then you can buy your wants.

Count The Money You Have

Another important thing to take note is the amount of money you have to spend. So you won't get embarrassed at the check out counter. You can estimate the amount you need to spend because for sure you already have an idea on how much the items cost. If you think you do not have enough, then just cross out one or two items which are not that important. Better to be sure than to find out you don't have enough money and get embarrassed.

After Spending Make A List In A Notebook

When you get home, list all your expenses and check receipts. Put them in a notebook so that you can next time you go shopping. You will have an idea on how much you will spend. Also write down what you spent for lunch and other miscellaneous things. I used to laugh and get mad when I was told I should do this. But it made me realize that when I was asked to make this, I was more conscious on my spending. I would look for the cheaper priced items but make sure the quality is good. I would also be careful on "spur of the moment" spending. I tell my self "if it is not important, I don't need it and if I don't need it, I don't buy it". Works pretty good and I saved. Then with a list and receipts you can check if you spent the money wisely and if the money you have left is correct. All you will need is a notebook, ball pen, receipts and a calculator.

Household Expense Chart

At the end of the month making a household expense sheet is practical. There you can list what you spent so at the end of the month you will not wonder where your money went. Sometime we wonder where the money went, what we spent it on and if they were good expenses. I used to be lazy in doing this and my brothers would keep telling me so finally, I did give it as try. It does help make you more conscious in spending. So no harm in trying. I will keep doing this till I get good in budgeting.
I hope this can help others as it helped me.


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author avatar daisynuts7
13th Apr 2014 (#)

so far it has been good, helps me a lot

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Apr 2014 (#)

thank you for sharing this post!

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author avatar Ptrikha
16th Jul 2014 (#)

Good tips on budgeting. How do you ensure that you are able to list all your expenses? or do you miss a few?

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author avatar daisynuts7
16th Jul 2014 (#)

no one is perfect a few missed ones is really no big deal as long as you try to stay within your means

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