How To Make Money From Internet Marketing

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If you are planning to starting on Internet Marketing or have already tried and failed, you need to read this.


Many people fear doing business online. Fear comes with ignorance or sheer laziness to find out the truth. Internet has churned out many millionaires and it will be a shame to let this opportunity go by without even trying.

If not a millionaire, you can at least make some extra pennies online doing Internet Marketing. For that, you need to have some basic tools at hand. When you have them and utilize them to your advantage, you will soon see that you may just end with more than pennies.

Why is Internet Marketing So Popular?

Internet Marketing, unlike traditional marketing can cost next to nothing. The email revolution which brought the world closer means a lot to Internet Marketers. Email has made it possible for anyone on this planet to earn online without having to leave one's bed. Reaching so many people with one click is like magic. And what does it cost? Nothing, actually.

So, what are the magical things you need to ensure success?


Before you can do anything, you need to know what you need to know; your target market.You need to know what is it that your target market needs or wants. You need find out where the gap is and fill this gap accordingly. It is when you fulfill the needs of others that you make money. If you keep offering what is not needed, no one will buy and you will be left scratching your head as to why no one is buying.

Spend some time researching. You can go to places like Yahoo Answers etc and see what people are asking and if you can provide the solution. When you find a niche that many people are looking for, you have a potential best seller in your hands. What you do with that research info will determine how much you will earn!

Build That Database

You need to either build a database of people who will be interested in the product or service you are offering or buy a list. This is the list of people you will be selling to. You will use emails to do just that. Spamming is out the question as you need to build a list of genuine people who are already interested in your product or service.

You can set up a website with a pre-launch and state what you will be offering, for how much and when. You can post an introductory offer or an early bird offer to entice pre-selling. If not, you can put an opt-in list on your pre-launch website to which your visitors can subscribe to. Via this opt in list, you can let them know when your product is ready for their purchase. You can also give away free e-books or something in exchange for their email address.

These are various ways you can build your database with people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

You can also buy a list form people who are already doing business in the same field. You do not have to reinvent the wheel and start form the scratch. However, you must ensure you keep a opt out option in the list as you want to take out people who are not interested in your service or would appreciate that you do not send them any further promotional messages.

The main purpose of maintaining a database is to ensure targeted marketing. You only want to focus on people who want your product or service. This way, you do not waste your time unnecessarily chasing the wrong prospect.

Get an Auto-responder

If you only have less than 10 people on your database, you probably won't need an auto-responder. Internet is huge and you will get traffic which needs your product or service. When you have a sizable number of people in your database, you will need one. Otherwise, you will end up sitting in front of your PC day in and day out, reaching out to your list. This is exactly what we do not want. Internet Marketing is supposed to provide you with more free time to do things you like.

Auto-responders let you send emails with promotional materials to all the people on your list with a single click. You do not even have to click for that matter. You can set and forget and your auto-responder will do the rest.

Auto-responders do not cost much. Get one when your list is building up.

Keep Your Products Digital

People want instant results / solutions. What better way to give them what they want than in the digital format. Internet Marketers aim to keep things automated as much as possible. If you have a product that is not in the digital format, you will have to keep track of handling the shipping, handling etc. Therefore, try to keep your products to the digital format; eBooks, audio or video downloads etc.

More the Merrier

Always strive to add new products to your offerings. Not everyone will buy everything from you. As such, your can use a content you have for one in another and package it completely for a new audience. This is called re-using your content or maximizing the lifespan of the content.


By researching what products or services are in demand, building a database of eligible prospects, getting an auto-responder, keeping the products in a digital format and adding more products to the offering will help you grow your Internet Marketing business.

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