How To Make Money ??

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How to make money ??
Money changes everything. Money makes you a sufferrer to a successor and often an offender.
You will find out that this article is exactly opposite to what the title says.

A Family

It is a common belief in a society that if they know one or two persons in a family who seem to be rich, it is wrongly assumed that the rest of the family relatives of that person also have this the "blessing" of being rich.
And middle class people tend to be recessive in the company of rich people.
Whatever they say, Whatever they do, it is a word of God for them. (God forbid me for saying this, though this is an example of society's behaviour)
Even the rest of the family relatives who are dependent on their richer blood are recessive in their company.

What You Need To Know

Not every one in a whole family is neccessarily rich.
It is your own perception.
It is highly seen in developing countries, the practice of going to one's home. Seeing something defaulty and telling them "Oh man, people rich like you have money, it is a very small thing for you to do this and that"
However, you don't know how much the person himself wants the comfort of the faulty thing you are scrutinizing and is unable to do it due to lack of finances.

Love walks Out of Window When Money Makes Its Way Away

It is a common saying that money buys every happiness.
In a family, when the male member is not earnig sufficiently even by doing overtimes, his wife and kids get deprived of certain things and facilities at home.

The family is seen trying to coping up with the faces of life and then there such people and such relatives pop up and show their extravagant lifestyle that at one point of self control starts getting imprinted in the thinking of your better half and children.

They want what they see. Wife and children know that their husbands can't afford these things but the constant extravagancy by the people causes them to break and thats when the desire of facilities superseeds love and thats when you say that the love walked out as at that time the understandings between the two wheels of life-husband and wife-ends.

How To Make Money

How to make money .... ?

Everyone thinks about this.
It is the need of life to live in this world ..

But have you ever stumbled upon this thought when you see people who are in bad shape due to money ??

Im not saying that rich people are moral-less ...
What Im saying is, sometimes this class of people forgets the desires, the sufferings of the people beneath them and their behaviour is literally such that it feels they think everything apart from them is garbish ...

Everyone lesser in finances from them is prone to their scrutinizings and criticizing ??

Everyone else is an object for them to judge ???

When you see people living in lesser facilities and luxuries than you are, Have you thanked your creator to have kept you in comfortability ???

Why is it that when rich category sees people in lesser rank then themselves, a verocity of superficialness arouses in them ?? & they behave in a way that everyone is a servant to them ..??

Make money ... But also feel the emptiness in people around you who don't enjoy the same luxuries around you .... So that when you have money ...... You remain human ...


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