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Transport is a big issue everywhere. With the rising costs of fuel, those of us who drive are feeling the pinch. Here are some things that you can do to reduce your fuel bills.

Tips and Tricks

Stick to one petrol company. Look for the ones that offer loyalty cards. Check your credit cards too, do they offer any form of discounts on petrol. Not all credit card companies does this and it may be time to do the switch. Do the math and decide especially if you do travel a lot.
Switch off when not in use. If you live in a tropical climate you may want to keep your engine idling. You are burning fuel. Switch off. Every minute you leave your car idle you are burning your money.
Try to avoid driving during peak hours and in traffic jams. Making sudden stops or start and stop jerks will cost you. A smooth drive is better on your pockets.
Plan your journeys. Plan your grocery shopping for a week. Avoid unnecessary trips to the grocer’s. If the kids need to get to school, car pool or take turns sending them. When you drive out complete two or three errands. It is all about planning.
Reduce the weight. Extra weight in the car results is extra fuel spent. The lighter the car the better the fuel consumption. You car is not your storeroom! Start di-cluttering.
Keep your car in tip-top condition. Service the car when it is due. Keep the tyres pumped. These two actions will increase your car’s efficiency and hence reduce fuel consumption.
Use public transport. Of course to best way to save on fuel is not to use it at all. Check out the transport system in your area. Sometimes you may even consider driving half the journey and switching to public transport especially into the city center.


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author avatar LOVERME
14th Oct 2013 (#)

GOOD tips...
better to walk short distances to Malls and groceries...
carry stuff home in hand bags and
...wash the car often keep tires inflated
and use another guy’s car whenever possible...
take a lift and just offer coffee...may be he likes tea...
save fuel money

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2013 (#)

Interesting post!

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