How To Save Money While On Vacation

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Don't spend too much money on your vacation! Consider the following tips and save!

How To Save Money While On Vacation

Some people save for years to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and then end up splurging so much during it that they end up with huge credit card bills anyway. Spending your vacation dollars wisely can make the difference between wonderful memories that last a lifetime - and spending the last three days holed up in a hotel eating cereal because you've run out of money. With a little planning, and keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to have that amazing vacation you've been dreaming of, without breaking the bank.

Consider Location Carefully

Transportation costs eat holes in your pocketbook - especially when traveling by plane - so it's in your best interests to think long and hard about the possibility of vacationing close to home. If your heart is set on experiencing another culture, think about taking advantage of exchange rates. Pick a vacation spot with a great exchange rate and you could find yourself enjoying a luxury like a professional massage for around five American dollars.

Consider Timing Carefully

Not only can you save a lot of money on hotels and airfare by traveling in the off-season, but you can sometimes save money on airfare by flying on a different day of the week, for example, Saturday instead of Friday. Do your research and take advantage of little things like these to save money.

Consider Sharing

If you have friends that are also looking to go on vacation, try sharing accomodations. Two couples can share a hotel room to cut down on costs, and two or more families might find it economical to split to cost of renting a beach house. Many theme parks and attractions will offer coupons with discounts off of "your next visit" which get wasted if you don't plan on coming back...but which can be swapped with your travel mates so everyone ends up doing more sightseeing for less money.

Consider Your Photos to be Your Souvenirs

Think of how much money you'll save if you avoid the kitschy gift shops altogether. It's just going to end up in a box in your attic, anyway.

Consider Travelling Light

Airlines charge you more for extra luggage, so you'll save by just bringing the necessities. Packing light saves you money even when taking the car; the more weight your car has to haul, the more gas it will burn during the trip.

Consider Eating In

It's all too easy to eat at restaurants for every single meal while on vacation. This can cause you to spend hundreds of dollars on food alone! Try getting some groceries and making simple meals in your hotel room. If you save money on breakfast and lunch this way, you can feel less guilty about getting dessert when you go out for dinner.

Consider All-Inclusive

It's often worth it to get travel packages that include everything you want or need on your vacation. As long as you can be disciplined (for example, if meals are included don't go and waste money at a restaurant outside the resort) these plans may save you quite a bit of money. Do your research before committing, though.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you reduce the costs of your vacation. Who knows, maybe you'll free up enough money to come back sooner than you thought!


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