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Selling Your Stuff on Ebay, how to sell your stuff and make money on ebay.

Sell your Unwanted Stuff

Would you like to learn how to sell stuff on Ebay and make some money to pay some of your bills? It's really easy to do. And it can be fun.

So first what you should think about is, do I want to clean up the clutter in my house? We all want a house that is free from that terrible word that takes up space and time out of our lives. Sometimes the clutter gets in the way of day to day living.

So, as you think of your clean house that you would love to have, start doing instead of resting on your laurels and letting your stuff collect dust.

Then, go to ebay and sign yourself up. It is so easy. You just go in and create an account. Then you get yourself set up to sell. Before you can sell, you will need to have a paypal address that gets linked with ebay. Then you go in and fill out a few simple things and then ebay gives you the go ahead to start selling your stuff.

When you first start to sell as I am doing, you are limited to selling one hundred items a month. Or up to $5,000.00 a month, which ever one you reach first.

Then you go in and start listing your stuff. First you will need to gather what you don't want, photograph them with a digital camera and import them to your computer. Once that is done, you can start listing your items.

You start by typing in what it is that you want to sell. Then, ebay will give you a bunch of possible categories that you could put it in. You can do up to two categories to reach more sellers, but you will get charged extra from ebay to do two categories.

Then, you go into the next section where you list the title, upload your picture. The first picture is free, but if you do extras, it is .15 cents each. Sometimes it is helpful to have more than one picture, especially if it is an expensive product.

Then you also list the brand, color, type of material, used or new, etc....

Then you can write a descriptive information about all the stuff your buyers need to know about the product. You can choose to say new and sealed, used, like new, good, etc...

You need to state the facts so they know up front what condition the product is in. That way they know what they are getting and aren't surprised when the product isn't what they thought they were going to get.

Then, you put a starting price that you would like to get for your product. You want to make sure you are getting at least a good price for something you bought and paid your hard earned money for. Because sometimes it doesn't increase and it just goes for what you are asking for.

Although it is fun to see a bunch of people bidding on your stuff and seeing it go higher than what you expected. And sometimes you might just want to set a cheaper price for some things to get it gone and out of your house.

Then, you need to set your shipping rates and what you are going to ship it in. Nice and easy is the flat rate priority envelopes and boxes. They are free and that way it saves you having to buy envelopes and mailers. The packaging is very important. If something is breakable, you want to make sure you bubble wrap it and put it in the right size box. You don't want to squeeze it into a smaller box to save money. Sometimes products break that way, and you will have to refund your buyers and then you are out money and your product is thrown in the trash.
Newspaper is also good to use with packaging.
Be aware about the shipping rates, I was unaware of the new rates and had to revise all my products today with the right calculations for shipping.
A small flat rate box is $5.95, medium box $10.95, large box $14.95. Same for the priority envelopes. I would say $5.95 to start. Nothing is cheaper nowadays. Ebay sets a limit for some of the books and dvds you try to sell. You can't make the shipping over $4.00 for some of them. So in that case, I would say make it standard first class shipping. As, you would be losing money if it was sent priority. Ebay should fix that.

And then, you might want to add more shipping if you know your product is heavy. It might be a good idea to take some things to the post office to get an estimate if you aren't sure what to charge.

Then, when the auctions are done, you get emails about all the details of what it sold for, if they have sent you paypal payments, and the address as to where it gets sent to.
It's good to keep an accurate record of everything. You want to make sure your products get put in the right box and go to the right address. And it's good to keep everything for your records too.

Then, you can choose to keep your money in your paypal account or you can have it all transferred to your bank account.

Some people make enough to pay their smaller bills and can call it a part time job. Some people make it their full time job.

Good ways to find stuff to sell, is by going to yardsales and picking out things you would like to try selling on ebay. Goodwill might be a good place to find things. Maybe antique stores might be good places too, but you would want to be selective there and only pick out things that you know would sell.

It would be good to check out the ebay trends to see what are hot sellers. Some things do well and some things do not.

You can also set up your own store with ebay if you would like to get your small business on it. I'm starting by selling a few sets of my soaps and might try my paper dolls. It's probably good to read up a little about that before you dive right in and start creating your store.

I'll look into that aspect of it and maybe that will be one of my upcoming articles about it.

So, now what you need to do, is start looking around at things you don't use. Things that aren't sentimental to you and try to create more space in your house. It's really liberating.

I used to be the Goodwill Girl, but now am rethinking my stuff, and would like to make some money and you can too. Jump on the bandwagon!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 15, 2011


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I also use short URLs that link to my ads on Ebay and CL and post them on my social media accounts. is a good one.

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