How economic crises changes our lifestyle

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We have to save to make the ends meet, but buying too cheap is a false economy.

How economic crisis changes our lifestyle

The economic crisis has changed everyone´s lifestyle. If once we fancied eating out, nowadays, many of us prefer to do it at home. In Latin countries, it´s customary to have a mid morning snack while at work or an appetizer before lunch, but not anymore on week days.
When Summer was around the corner, many of us longed for foreign travel; the further, the better, but nowadays, we´ll be lucky if we can have a domestic holiday and staycation is on the rise. We´d like to stay in a hotel, but a campsite is a lot cheaper and may let us have few days away from our usual grounds.
Sugar (5% plus) Legumes (3,7% plus) Eggs (3,4 % plus) Fresh vegetables (1,8% plus) Potatoes (1,9% plus)
However, the intake of fresh fruit has gone down by 2,2% as well as olive oil in a country which is number one producer (20%) or wine by 3,7%.
These are recent figures in a country that is a major producer of fruit, wine and olive oil, which has been replaced by sunflower seed oil.
However, in this "war economy" there seems something positive and it´s that Spaniards seem to have gone back to granny´s cooking rather than calling up to Tele Pizza or going to fast food restaurants for lunch or evening meals.
It means to go back to Mediterranean diet, which, and as everyone knows, is the healthiest one in the world of nutrition. A hearty broth at Winter time or a cold soup in Spring or Summer seems to have replaced a plate of fries, fried in fat, and a humberger.
However, and despite this economic crisis, many people have opted out for quality rather than very cheap produce, choosing these supermarkets that have better and quality offers.
Cheaper doesn´t mean better stuff or more economical and when it comes to olive oil, this not only is more beneficial for health but it can be more profitable if we use it wisely, by not eating too many fried food or by not letting it burn when cooking. Done it in this way, a bottle of olive oil can go a long way. Olive oil should be used for recipes that require little oil or to dress salads. If used to fry chips or to make an omelete, we should pour a lot, but not let it burn. After use, we can reuse it once more if we percolate it to remove all sort of fried bits of food. This doesn´t happen with any other oil types.
As regards wine, we shouldn´t save on this, because good wine is good for our heart and general health, provided is a good one and, like olive oil, a bottle of it can go a long way if we drink a couple of glasses with each meal.
It isn´t how cheap produce is, but how and where we shop that will help us to make ends meet and buying too cheap is a false economy.

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Very well written post with a lot of truth

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