How fair is it to ask Indians to replace old cars with new cars?

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I am talking about Nithin Gadkari's proposal to do that. He wants to offer incentive to Indians for replacing their old cars with new cars so that the government can get almost 100000 INR as taxes.

It is height of insensitivity

If a car can be used, why should it not be utilized till it serves no purpose? The concern of the politician is not about pollution but the 100000 INR or so that the government would get from the automobile company with every sale. So where are we going Mr. Gadkari? Why don't we demolish all homes, so that cement and steel companies can make profit to pay you taxes? Is that the way to make profits?

Now, in this country only about 1/3rd pay taxes

Of the balance, 1/3rd hide income, and the rest are simply too poor for paying taxes. I would think chasing those who are hiding their income should be the priority instead of spending on materials and power for manufacturing something for which the country pays royalties. We do pay royalties to foreign companies, Mr. Gadkari, for using their technologies. Perhaps you are not smart enough to figure that out.

I would also think that as a bold step ministers would refuse to take remuneration

Out of pocket expenses yes, but not a penny beyond that. And all that money would be utilized to improve the lot of rural poor so that they come up and join the tax net. 1/3rd of the adult population in the country is laboring under heavy taxes Mr. Gadkari, and it is natural that they don't want to pay for remuneration of government officials who take bribes from them. Did it occur to you that something like that may be happening? Perhaps you need to check that as well.

Our priorities have been wrong all along

In the name of employment we brought in technologies for manufacturing cars. First it was Maruti Suzuki. Thereafter, there are many competitors. But perhaps, we should have stopped at Maruti Suzuki. In order to employ people we started these industries, without stipulating any export limits. Now, they have expanded their base in domestic markets, increasing traffic on roads, which is forcing the government to spend on roads and overbridges. If we had not encouraged automobiles manufacturers back then, we would not be facing infrastructure shortage to the extent we are. Now, to enable industry to pay taxes to the extent the government wants, we have to discard functioning automobiles Mr Gadkari? Even the most uneducated person would find this laughable.

It all boils down to the same thing

Whether BJP or Congress, neither is too keen to solve the problems, because they want to use that power for personal gains. I wish people in this country were more vociferous on issues such as this one. That way, ministers would be scared to tax people, and little money would reach their hands.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Jul 2015 (#)

I think technology will be the game changer. I loved the old Ambassadors as comfortable to get in and out but no one wants them now.

We should build mass rapid trains in every city with over couple of million people and real fast, set a target date. That will reduce pollution more effectively and also reduce congestion on the roads - siva

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author avatar vandana7
8th Jul 2015 (#)

You get my vote. Cars are definitely not the answer.

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author avatar Ptrikha
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Yes, the politicos in this country are keen on just two things: power and Money and common people do not matter to them.
And why not find more means for a safer and better public transport, and incentives for companies to have more "Work from Home" facilities for their employees, especially women.

And now, it seems that the good days of BJP won't last for too longs, with its chief ministers and other ministers also under scanner.

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author avatar vandana7
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Yes, it is disappointing that they are doing things haphazardly instead of having a game plan to succeed at the center. In the past, people were uneducated, or were not able to communicate their thinking so politicos could get away with it, but now, everybody is alert. Did you see those dismal statistics of rural India? Don't you wonder if the taxpayer's from the city are running the show across the nation, including paying the officials, and ministers. That is sad because many do not have enough monies for their retirement or medication.

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author avatar Ptrikha
9th Jul 2015 (#)

And the other day I wrote a post on Bubblews regarding the problems people face for medical care, and the situation in India is indeed "Grim".

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author avatar snerfu
11th Jul 2015 (#)

Siva's comment about Ambassadors reminded me of the car my granny had -- a Morris Minor. It was stolen and never heard of again. (The same thief also stole her house -- she was murdered people believe and we were all so far away from her at the time).

So sorry to be rambling about things not concerned with the topic. Yes, ignorance seems to be the building block for the modern Indian society.

Ignorance is actively promoted not only by the politicians but also people in the limelight such as movie stars.
Viewing events from that slant, I think Gadkari is merely following his role in promoting ignorance -- I honestly cannot believe anyone could be stupid enough to make statements like the one cited!

And with reference to Ptrikha, I thought Bubblews had closed shop! Anyway all the writers I knew from that site had their accounts closed (including yours truly) for no reason.

We have to take a new stance in India, one that includes the section called IGNORANT. Maybe then the rest of the people will have peace and prosperity. Sounds blasphemous?

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